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Kinetic theTechnologyAgency — Language Industry Resource

Sunday, May 24, 2015

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Desktop Publishing Services, Enterprise Solutions, Project Management, Translation Management Systems, Workflow Solutions

Kinetic theTechnologyAgency

Kinetic theTechnologyAgency
200 Distillery Commons
Suite 200
Louisville, KY USA
Fax: 502-719-9569

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The Globalizor™ by Kinetic theTechnologyAgency is a world-class translation management system built exclusively for the enterprise to provide clarity throughout all stages of the process, allowing users to validate vendor performance and pricing while improving translation quality and decreasing time-to-market. The Globalizor™ provides comprehensive business intelligence all the way to down to the individual language pairs, facilitating process optimization and accountability across the enterprise. The proprietary one-click bid system turns your translations into a buyer’s market and automated communications simply add time to your schedule. The Globalizor™ offers your enterprise centralized TM and workflows with clarity, consistency and quality.