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JFA, Inc. — Language Industry Resource

Monday, July 28, 2014

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Research & Analysis, Multicultural Communications, Marketing, Consulting Services, Books & Publications

JFA, Inc.
International Communications
3640 Black Oaks Lane
Minneapolis, MN USA
Fax: (1)763.383.6032


JFA is an international marketing communications firms that works with companies, organizations and countries that have an international product or service to sell. We are the only firm that specializes in marketing communications in the language and localization field. So if you want to be better known in the New York Times or the Milwaukee Journal or the Wall Street Journal Europe please contact us. To make sure our communications are on track and effective we do research, testing and follow up. We also market a line of international posters (The Periodic Table of Languages, Money, First Class and Toasts) which can be customized for clients. References Available on Request.