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Katie Botkin
Multilingual January/February 2017
Columns and Commentary

Given the outcome of the US presidential election, it’s an interesting time to be looking at Eastern Europe. Nobody quite knows how the next few years will play out with the United States, Russia, the countries immediately surrounding Russia, the larger European region and outwards....

We have two articles focusing on Russia — one on the Russian localization market, another on the Russian localization market coming together to form a code of ethics for the region. Looking at their process may be helpful for anyone wanting to create a similar code of ethics.

We also have an article studying the defense opportunities in Poland — particularly prescient now, although the topic may not be one that necessarily appeals to our humanitarian instincts. Unless, of course, you see lines of defense in Poland as necessary for peacekeeping in the region. And although this may be controversial, it is the approach Poland seems to be taking. Privacy and language in German localization are also covered — German bridges Western and Eastern Europe, and privacy concerns will likely become more and more relevant in any localization, particularly for countries like Germany....