Perspectives: Personal brand and localization management

Max Lobanov, Ian Hill
Multilingual March 2017
Columns and Commentary

Soft skills are a flavor of brand-building skills. This may sound simple, and yet in practice it’s often uncommon. We’re simply too busy to remember to be human.

Each of us should also feel comfortable gaining visibility. Some of us may feel humble or shy when it comes to trumpeting from the rooftops the details of our latest launch or achievement. Yet it is highly necessary to be known within an industry. Social networks are one of your best friends here and a great platform for personal brand building. Advertise yourself. Share important events from your professional life. Write articles....

We all think and act differently, and terms like standard and normalare relative. The great news is that you can develop a great leadership style by assimilating cross-cultural awareness and appreciation.

A good leader will use this awareness and appreciation in unison with all of the skills discussed here. Read about leader charisma and how you can build it. One of the leader’s primary tasks is to present the team in front of higher level management and company leadership. The better your team is, the better the perception of your own leadership brand is and vice versa. A leader is not only the heart of the team, but also its beautiful shining face. It is a leader who is associated with all the successes and failures of the team. That’s why it is so important to know how to create visibility and represent your team in the best possible way.

Another important skill for a manager is the ability to motivate. It is a well-known fact that under-motivated employees are less efficient and do not meet the goals set for them. Although money is often a great motivator, a true leader can motivate without it. A motivated team is a reliable support for a manager. Any task can be easily delegated to a motivated employee or vendor. This means that delegation is also an important skill. There are many delegation techniques, but one of my favorites, which I find extremely useful, is the Eisenhower Matrix. The Eisenhower Matrix recommends delegating urgent but not important tasks, freeing up time for strategic work....