Leveraging video marketing in different regions

Sergio Arboledas
MultiLingual March 2017
Core Focus

In many parts of the world, YouTube is the single most dominant online video platform. The company currently caters to over one billion global users, or about one third of internet dwellers, with hordes of new adopters added every day.

According to an October 2015 study from GlobalWebIndex, a minimum of three-fourths of internet users from every region of the globe used YouTube in the month prior; in Latin America, this figure rose to 93%. While these stats are absolutely staggering, YouTube is still not the preeminent video platform for every global region; at least not yet.

If your company is ready to dive headlong into global localization strategies for video marketing, then you will want to brush up on popular portals and practices around the globe....

When adapting or creating video content for foreign audiences, it is vital to study the region so as to generate the most influential materials possible.

That said, it is necessary for brands to partner with experienced localization agencies so that this work is not left to those with a less sophisticated comprehension of the process.

While voiceover is one of the most common forms of translation for places like Eastern Europe, making it an excellent strategy for Turkey, the overwhelming majority of culturally adapted content is subtitled for the audience.

Do be sure, however, to work with skilled professionals to complete this work; many colloquial terms and cultural phrases hold vastly different or no meaning whatsoever in other parts of the world. This could cause a marketing message to completely flop.

Moreover, it is crucial to consider the audience you are targeting and the type of content you aim to serve them. If you cater to a more artistic crowd, there might be Vimeo-like alternatives that would better suit your offerings.

All in all, the best way to go about marketing content in different global regions lies in treating each video like a campaign unto itself; this will allow you to focus in on the exact elements and messages for a particular country, which increases your chances of success....