The Trump (non) effect


Terena Bell
MultiLingual June 2017
Core Focus

As far as anyone in the language industry can tell, Trump's immigration policies haven't affected them....

Nothing to see here, people. Move along.

Trick is, even though Americans use that expression sarcastically — mocking how police back crowds away from a crime scene — Trump’s new immigration policies (many of which, including the January 27th order, have been struck down by state courts) may very well not affect our industry at all. Neither Cruz, Strock nor Brandon knew of any direct impact on members, good or bad. If companies have experienced difficulty finding resources or an uptick in requests, they aren’t talking about it. Gio Lester, chair of NAJIT public relations (PR) committee and a legal interpreter, does say that “cases are moving faster,” but since interpreters are paid by the hour, faster cases don’t equal more business — just a busier day. And even Lester admits the heavier workload is nothing she’s experienced personally, just industry hearsay.

Hearsay does seem to be the bulk of it, as client-side there’s no change either....