Client Talk: The city of Hopkinsville


Terena Bell
MultiLingual September 2017
Columns and Commentary

What do clients think? Not what they tell you on a sales call, or what the polite feedback they share after an assignment is. What do they really think about translation?

Welcome to Client Talk, a new MultiLingual column where we chat with people who buy (or should buy) language services. When is professional translation worth it? If clients don't buy, why not? What do they do instead?

By chatting with clients outside a sales environment, we can identify what actually motivates purchasing decisions, and maybe expose misconceptions about our industry as we go along....

The client in this case is Brooke Jung of Solar Eclipse Marketing, events consultant for the City of Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

Since this is a job created just for Jung, let’s explain: August 21, 2017, is the first total solar eclipse in history that will only be visible in the United States. The remainder of North America will experience a partial eclipse. The eclipse path starts in Oregon, then crosses the country from west to east before ending in South Carolina. Hopkinsville, Kentucky, is the point of greatest eclipse — the scientific “center” of the eclipse path where the moon’s axis will be closest to Earth. All of 200 million people live within a day’s drive of its path, so the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) predicts the August 21 eclipse will be the most highly viewed in history.

Since they’re at dead center, the City of Hopkinsville has hired Jung to coordinate logistics for all the eclipse-chasers, researchers and tourists pouring into the rural Kentucky town....