Client Talk: CroatiaTech


Terena Bell
MultiLingual December 2017
Columns and Commentary

By chatting with current and prospective clients outside of a sales environment, we hope our industry will be able to better identify the true motivation behind buyer decisions. And who knows? Maybe we’ll expose common misconceptions about our industry as we go along....

The client

Nenad Ćuk, cofounder and CEO at CroatiaTech, a technology development shop. CroatiaTech has offices in Split, Croatia, and Salt Lake City, Utah. “We are a premium solution when it comes to outsourcing technology work by US, Canadian, French, Irish, Italian, German, Australian and UK companies,” says Ćuk. “With solutions in software development, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, engineering, virtual reality (VR), custom web development, digital marketing and graphic design, we attract partnerships from companies that want to achieve more with their budget.”...