Client Talk: PikMyKid


Terena Bell
MultiLingual January 2018
Columns and Commentary

PikMyKid is a startup based in Tampa, Florida. The company sells a comprehensive school safety platform that includes a panic button for school shootings, a safety dashboard for administrators and a geotracking app that schools use to shorten student drop-off and pickup times. They work with public school districts, charter and private schools, after-school programs and daycare facilities in the United States, Mexico and Saudi Arabia....

How important does the client say professional language services areon a scale of 1-5?

1: “We basically write our own training manuals and record our own training videos; we don’t ask companies to do this. Plus, our in-house employees are native speakers of their languages and the translated documents are revised using several checkpoints — including peer-review — before sending them out to our clients and contacts.”

The client’s solution

PikMyKid doesn’t plan to pick a translation provider in the near future and will keep managing language needs in-house. “We don’t purchase any type of translation. We make sure that the people we hire are fully bilingual — English is a must — and that they’re able to communicate with the clients in their native language if that’s what they want. Aside from speaking English, our team has people who speak fluent Spanish, Arabic, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Hindi and so on.”...