Client Talk: Marriott International, Inc.


Terena Bell
MultiLingual May/June 2018
Columns and Commentary

Zamborsky is the first buyer profiled in Client Talk who seems to understand what professional translators offer that bilingual employees can’t. Unlike companies from past months, Marriott’s bilingual staff doesn't abandon their day jobs to localize. Why not? What message has Marriott gotten that the others didn’t?...

“My team supports fully-transactional (meaning you can shop, book and conduct loyalty activities), in-language sites for over a dozen languages,” Zamborsky explains, adding the total expanded after the Marriott-Starwood merger. Fourth quarter 2017, her group also added or enhanced sites in Italian, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Arabic. “Occasionally we'll send a Word document or video for translation, but that's rare for my team.”

Zamborsky’s next point of concern is to revamp their entire translation management system (TMS) and bring it in-house. But to do that, she says, “I have to get in line behind everyone else asking for budget.”

As it happens, “the bulk of our translation is done by vendors and flows through our TMS,” she explains. “We use an automated translation workflow that covers the four main types of content described above.”...