Client Talk: KAYAK

Terena Bell
MultiLingual August/September 2018
Columns and Commentary

English is the language of choice for KAYAK’s internal communications, so even though the company has employees in more than 60 different countries working in nine global offices, there’s no need for human resources translation. When it comes to client-facing content, though, KAYAK and its portfolio brands operate in more than 20 languages....

“While being bilingual is an invaluable skill in today’s globalized world, it does not necessarily mean you have the skill set required to professionally translate,” Millet says, which is a comforting change from the way others profiled in this column have approached translation. “Because of this, we do not ask our bilingual staff members from different departments to localize content,” she continues, “Instead, we have a team of in-house localization specialists who dedicate their time to some of our larger markets while we work with freelancers in some of the smaller ones.”...

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