Client Talk: Finning International

Terena Bell
MultiLingual October 2018
Columns and Commentary

Nick Hilderman is senior security analyst for Finning International, the world's largest distributor of Caterpillar products and support services. As part of the manufacturer’s cybersecurity team, Hilderman oversees an internal awareness campaign that educates Finning employees on security’s importance. Posters, videos, enewsletters and other marketing-style collateral address a different topic each month in English and Spanish....

Despite not working with professional translators now or — since we don’t know who the consultants used — possibly ever, Hilderman says 4: “Depending on what is being translated, the message can sometimes be misunderstood or lost in translation. This can hamper progress of initiatives if clarity is lacking.”

Regardless, the security initiative has shown progress. A major campaign goal was to lower the number of employees clicking through phishing emails, protecting the company from hackers looking to steal data or money. Hilderman says after translation started “our [South American-based] corporate controller received [an email] posing to be from our CFO and CEO, and he recognized it. Had he not recognized this, this could have cost us upwards of $300,000-$400,000 American.”...

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