Terminology Glosses: AI and paradigm shifts

Laura Di Tullio
MultiLingual November/December 2018
Columns and Commentary

Yet when it comes to artificial intelligence, the change is so striking and extraordinary that the language is not entirely codified yet and even less so are the new concepts developing around such change. For terminologists, this is a very intriguing moment. Change — and this time change involves the very essence of human beings — is accompanied by new terms and concepts that define new scenarios....

In the domain of education, language learning and assistance with languages, artificial intelligence is starting to be used productively in a variety of domains. Among the others, Glossika, a linguistic company, in its webpages states that their smart algorithm automatically adjusts to the learner’s level, learning speed and schedule by using a learning-method based on repetitions. Capiche, on the other end, is a “new artificial intelligence and crowd-based innovation… that aims to support refugees with a mobile translation and search service.” It is the first AI-system to integrate crowd sourcing and to use the data collected and interpreted to “enhance the machine-learning system.”...

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