Tips for building an internal AI team

Myra Goldie
MultiLingual November/December 2018
Core Focus

Yes, the thought of having an in-house AI team is exciting, but it’s not necessarily the best business decision for all companies. Make sure you’re all in before taking the first steps.

Do put a lot of time and thought into whether this is really the right decision....

Do manage your expectations. AI is very different from standard development in one particular area — there’s no way of knowing if something is going to work or not until you actually try it. It is very exploratory; setbacks and failed attempts will happen and in fact will be quite common.

Not every exploration will be a success, but it will be one step closer to it. AI requires patience and a positive attitude.

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. AI is new and exciting technology, but that doesn’t mean you have to dream up an entirely new process to implement it. Begin with an existing solution to a problem and consider how to further improve that solution. Following your intuition is a perfectly acceptable place to start, but don’t move forward until you’re sure the data proves you right....

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