Profiling giraffes and reindeer

Jim Compton
MultiLingual November/December 2018
Core Focus

There are those who are suspicious and fearful of AI; those who directly develop the technology; and those who are optimistic about its potential and keen to maximize its practical use, even if they’re not entirely sure what that looks like. They’re seeking those “killer applications” of AI that are both relevant to their business and obtainable....

I wasn’t around in 1951, but I can imagine reading this ad (Figure 1) and being inspired to brainstorm about the future. I like this type of “what if” question because it forces you to decouple the task of deciding what you’d like to accomplish from the task of figuring out how to make it happen. The latter shouldn’t overly influence the former. This is especially true when talking about applying computer technology to problem solving — it can execute in microseconds what it takes humans minutes to do. Through the application of technology, ideas can and routinely do go from fantasy to reality....

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