Deep learning, a chip off the old block

Aidan Collins
MultiLingual November/December 2018
Core Focus

In both the role of sculptor and engineer, there is a vision of what the “fine-tuning” activity should produce. I am confident that if you as a novice accept this simple analogy you will go some distance toward grasping the fundamentals of the deep learning process....

For many novices there is a confusion around the terms machine learning, AI and deep learning. There need not be this confusion, as the division is quite simple. Artificial intelligence is the catch-all term to cover machine learning and deep learning. Machine learning is an over-arching term for the training of computers, using algorithms, to parse data, learn from it and make informed decisions based on the accrued learning. Examples of machine learning in action is Netflix showing you what you might want to watch next. Or Amazon suggesting books you might want to buy. These suggestions are the outcome of using machine learning technology to monitor and build a preferences profile based on your buying patterns....

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