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Seth Thomas Schneider
MultiLingual Winter 1990
Columns and Commentary

Out of My Mind:
“Worldwide Product Directory”



This is the premier issue of The Worldwide Product Directory. Listed are over 400 computer products supporting more than 250 languages. This directory has been 2 years in the making and can now be called the most extensive source available for such products.

If you have ever tried to locate a German spell checker, a Spanish tutorial, a Japanese postscript font, or a Script Manager compatible word processor, you have experienced the difficulties many of us have encountered. Finding such language products has been a challenging task for many of you and, if you were lucky, you were able to find maybe one source that had what you were looking for. Look no further. Here they are. Every company, every product known.

Included as a standard part of The Worldwide Product Directory are features like: Product Reviews, Articles, Questions and Answers, and listing of References and Organizations. Not only is this a guide to products but it is also a directory of related information.

We are your source for purchasing most of these products. Just give us a call. We will help you to understand which product is the best for your needs. We provide evaluations and assist you to get up an running. Any problems, we're here to help you.

We thank you for taking the time to look at The Worldwide Product Directory and hope you too will agree that we are your source for language products. It is our hope you will find what you are looking for in the following pages. Read on and please give us a call.

— Seth

Total results: 1961  Total pages: 197  This page: 197

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