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Creating a translation program for the 21st century | Filip Šanca
MultiLingual November/December 2018

The translation market is dynamic, and it is not possible to supply the students with knowledge from the future. For that reason, students should be taught to learn on their own, with the understanding that their studies are not finished with graduation....

The changing scope of enterprise localization management | Edmund Blogg
MultiLingual November/December 2018

Life on the buyer and vendor sides of the language industry can be very different, and a range of technological and commercial factors continue to change both the function and scope of corporate language teams.

So what does it take to thrive as an enterprise localization manager in today’s business climate?...

Professional legal translations can save you millions | Ally Gilboa
MultiLingual November/December 2018

The internet has brought us all types of hilarious and convoluted translations. However, precise, correct translations are often needed in today’s shrinking marketplace. Most challenging of all are legal translations....

Post Editing | Katie Botkin
MultiLingual October 2018

Ethnic marketing is about personalizing your products so that immigrants — and perhaps temporary transplants — want to buy things too....

Talk on the Wild Side | Katie Botkin
MultiLingual October 2018

“Language is a wild animal” is the metaphor upon which Talk on the Wild Side is based. Author Lane Greene asks his readers to consider a wide variety of examples proving this, starting with constructed, “logical” languages such as Loglan that nobody is quite capable of speaking. The book covers everything from the Great Vowel Shift to Vietnamese grammar to adult language acquisition — and this is just in one chapter....

Client Talk: Finning International | Terena Bell
MultiLingual October 2018

Nick Hilderman is senior security analyst for Finning International, the world's largest distributor of Caterpillar products and support services. As part of the manufacturer’s cybersecurity team, Hilderman oversees an internal awareness campaign that educates Finning employees on security’s importance. Posters, videos, enewsletters and other marketing-style collateral address a different topic each month in English and Spanish....

Localization Business School: How healthy is your business? | Andrew Lawless
MultiLingual October 2018

A good way of illustrating your current starting point is to do a Wheel of Business exercise. Draw a circle on an empty sheet of paper and give it seven equally sized pie slices....

Terminology Glosses: Text expansion and Million Short | Laura Di Tullio
MultiLingual October 2018

The phenomenon of text expansion is rather common in translation. A search online shows how authors of various documents on the topic generally agree that, for documents translated from English into Slavic languages, the expansion rate can go from 10% to 15%, and sometimes even more, depending on the language, with a peak of 20% to 30% for Polish....

Word on the Street: Tips to begin working with machine translation | Adam Wooten
MultiLingual October 2018

As more LSPs and client-side companies decide to begin using MT and progressing along the Machine Translation Maturity Model, what can make the leap a little easier for newcomers?...

Ethnic marketing | Sarah Pokorná-Presch, Agata Rybacka
MultiLingual October 2018

Ethnic marketing and international marketing are two very different concepts. Ethnic marketing (also known as multicultural marketing) focuses on targeting a particular group living away from home, whereas international marketing is targeting a particular country and their native population....

Total results: 1961  Total pages: 197  This page: 2

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