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CEE languages: Challenges and opportunities | Arle Lommel
MultiLingual October 2018

Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) is a region of incredible linguistic diversity. In an annual examination of online language markets, Common Sense Advisory (CSA Research) identified 19 languages in the region with significant online economic activity....

Preserving linguistic diversity in the digital world | Arthur Wetzel
MultiLingual October 2018

There is broad consensus in research that the preservation of linguistic diversity is necessary in order to maintain the flexibility and adaptability of a species. The spectrum of cross-fertilization is decreasing to the extent that languages and cultures are dying out and, as a result, evidence of human intellectual accomplishments is being lost....

Are CEE LSPs ready for the expectations of global business? | Marek Makosiej
MultiLingual October 2018

I might think that being an expert in a vertical is far more important than location, but it looks like the reality is the other way around for buyers. It seems like the closer an agency is to a customer, the safer the customer feels. The location becomes a currency of trust....

Physics and the meaning of natural language text | Gentry L. Watson
MultiLingual October 2018

Previously, the relativistic model of the meaning of text assumed that a single alternative text, or definition, would be identified to define the meaning of text. The alternative text that was chosen would have the highest probability of matching the meaning of the original text....

The evolution of Latvian localization | John Freivalds
MultiLingual October 2018

Latvian, one of the three Baltic languages along with Estonian and Lithuanian, is now listed as a source language by over 100 firms....

Post Editing | Katie Botkin
MultiLingual August/September 2018

In this issue, we try to do it all: look in depth at China and Japan, consider humanitarian translation in Southeast Asia — for a largely unwritten language of Myanmar — and parse out the Middle Eastern market....

Client Talk: KAYAK | Terena Bell
MultiLingual August/September 2018

English is the language of choice for KAYAK’s internal communications, so even though the company has employees in more than 60 different countries working in nine global offices, there’s no need for human resources translation. When it comes to client-facing content, though, KAYAK and its portfolio brands operate in more than 20 languages....

Community Lives: Corporate communities | Jeannette Stewart
MultiLingual August/September 2018

It can be tricky to source information about corporate localization initiatives, but here are two examples....

Word on the Street: Round robin evaluations for long tail languages | Adam Wooten
MultiLingual August/September 2018

What is more important than translating a specific language is knowing one can trust the translation in that language. That brings up an issue that is much more important than language count: how can a company trust the translations provided in so many languages?...

The truth about Japanese web design | Douglass McGowan
MultiLingual August/September 2018

To get a firsthand idea of the Japanese versus Western differences in website design, it helps to see some examples. In the interest of apples-to-apples comparisons, let’s look at both the English and Japanese sites for Rakuten, Honda and Starbucks....

Total results: 1961  Total pages: 197  This page: 3

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