Post Editing

Happy 2019 from all of us at MultiLingual!


We’ve also revamped our digital edition so that it is friendlier on small screens and more interactive. So if you’re reading through the print version and you come across a screenshot from a video — there’s one in this issue; see if you can spot it — that means the actual video is available on our digital site. In this case, because our focus is Spanish, it’s a video about Spanish.

 If you were one of the people who liked to browse our resource directory, it is still available online — we have a huge database of vendors to look through. We also have a buyer’s guide at the end of each issue.

 And of course the much-beloved content is still the same. We have a few articles on Spanish as well as gender attitudes in Latin America, and a plethora of extras, including David Filip’s biennial standards reader.

We’re hoping you enjoy our updated format as much as we’ve enjoyed trying it out.