Post Editing

We found ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic halfway through putting this issue together. And we’ve decided with the advent of the novel coronavirus sweeping the planet, we are suspending print issues for now. Physical mail delivery is difficult to certain parts of the globe in the best of times, and a pandemic will certainly not make it easier. The upside is, we’ll save paper in a time when paper seems to be in high demand — reducing our carbon footprint and making the demand for wood pulp just a little less.

Of course, it felt bittersweet, going over the pages knowing they might be the last to make it to physical prints. I’ve been with the magazine for 12 years, and this is a first for us.

The digital issues go on, however. Given that our issue on AI and machine learning is full of new information and data — from machine translation to chatbots to AI in project management — this seems to be the way the entire world is going. Once you have the infrastructure in place, digital is smart on every level. It’s near-instant, and helps keep social distancing in place when germs are a concern.

 So please enjoy this issue, and look for future issues in your email inbox!