Post Editing

The greatest thing about tech is that it allows us to be more human. I’ve recently been going through my photos, trying to delete the extras to free up space on my hard drive, and I have to smile at how many memories I’ve preserved thanks to tech. A short iPhone video of my tiny niece announcing to her mom that she didn’t want a bike for Christmas, it’s too scary. Snapshots from Poland and Portugal, Buenos Aires and Bali. I’m sorting through old emails, thinking wow, I’d forgotten about this little episode of my own history.

As human beings, our memories, for better and for worse, tend to lose their edge over time. And with tech, we can delete the less fun reminders, and keep the fonder ones.

 Our creativity and flexibility are what make us human. If we automate the things we like least, it allows us time for better quality of life. Our authors in our tech issue delve into this concept — training machines to automate things intelligently enough that we don’t have to clean up after them as much, so we spend less time wrangling through the frustrations of errors and ambiguities.

So here’s to tech. May it make us better as a species, and allow us to expand the best parts of our humanity.