AI Translations of Eurovision Song Lyrics Flawed, Analysis Finds

An analysis conducted by The Spanish Group compared the official translations of Eurovision song lyrics to translations done by ChatGPT and Google Translate. The findings reveal that AI created translations that changed the tone and overall meaning of the songs.

Astrolabe with Arabic, Hebrew writing sheds new light on interfaith science

A recently discovered astrolabe shows evidence of an unexpected collaboration between historic faith communities.

What’s in an emoji? More than you think!

Unicode Emoji Standard and Research Working Group members will dive into their specialty in a webinar scheduled for Tuesday.

Why UX Designers Should Consider Users’ Culture

When designing user interfaces in a multicultural context, we should be aware of our own culture, assumptions, and biases.

How Travel Can Help Preserve Endangered Languages

Find out how travel can aid in saving endangered languages through cultural immersion and support for local initiatives.

The Need for Audio Description in Indigenous Languages

In a world of digitized media and language tools, ancestral languages are often left behind.

Pi Day reveals origins of pi symbol

Everyone knows about pi, the world’s most famous irrational number. And just as recognizable is the pi symbol: 𝝅. But how did that symbol come to be?

Indigenous Language Hub Faces Funding Crisis: The Vital Need for Urban...

The Victoria Native Friendship Centre (VNFC) in Canada grapples with the sudden loss of crucial funding for its Urban Indigenous Language Hub.

Free Online Event to Highlight the World’s Endangered Scripts

World Endangered Writing Day brings together scholars who study writing with community activists who are trying to revive their cultures.