Solving the language gap in scientific research

It estimated that non-English language research could expand the geographical coverage of biodiversity scientific evidence by 12% to 25% and the number of species covered by 5% to 32%. All this raises a pressing question: Just how much scientific research is being obscured due to language barriers? 

Olivia Rodrigo, other nominees bring ASL interpreters to Grammys

Several news outlets and deaf individuals commended Best New Artist winner Olivia Rodrigo for conducting interviews alongside an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter — such accommodations didn’t stop with Rodrigo’s ASL interpreter, though.

Troy Kotsur secures second Oscar for Deaf community

At the 94th Academy Awards ceremony Troy Kotsur took home the Oscar for best supporting actor, portraying Deaf fisherman and father Frank Rossi in...

One of the Biggest Multilingual Shows Ever – Pachinko

Not only does the show need to have an all-Asian cast, but it also needed to be told in three languages: Korean, Japanese, and English, as its characters migrated across the world.

LocLunch Founder organizes global music festival to help Ukraine

Due to the urgency of the situation and increasing needs for funds, the concert is being quickly put together, with the webpage list of artists updating frequently as more join the cause.

Localization companies nix carbon in wake of climate crisis

For Lokalise, the decision showcases a commitment to responsible business operations and a broader perspective on wellbeing. And what could be more central to overall wellbeing than the health of the environment?

On peut se tutoyer? The impossible task of conveying complex concepts...

With more foreign language content coming to popular streaming platforms like Netflix, the art of subtitle translation continues to be front and center. Have you also noticed how, sometimes, localization is an impossible task?

Doric-speaking MRI scanner eases patient worries

The University of Aberdeen in Scotland decided to run a £1.2 million upgrade to their MRI scanner. Supporting 17 languages including Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Russian, and French, the language offerings now also includes Doric, or Northeast Scots. 

The trials and tribulations of digitizing Urdu, the 10th most spoken...

Because Nastalīq has been so challenging to adapt to a digital format, many Urdu speakers have taken to using Naskh, which is written along straight horizontal lines, or even using a non-standardized form of the language that uses Latin script.

New Mexico officials pursue language solutions for state services

Source NM reports that non-English-speaking New Mexico residents are struggling to navigate housing, food, and healthcare systems in the state, resulting in delays for obtaining state aid. Following a lawsuit by the Center for Law and Poverty, public officials are working on potential solutions. 

The Economist shares data on English’s role in global pop culture

Data journalists at The Economist used information from Spotify to identify several trends in how local communities across the world listen to music — while English-language music remains quite popular worldwide, its popularity appears to be declining, as local audiences begin to turn more to music performed in their native language.

Microsoft and Canadian government partner to create MT for indigenous languages

Microsoft Translator now offers Inuinnaqtun and a romanized version of Inuktitut, which were developed with the support of the government of Nunavut, Canada, and other community groups. Inuktitut, which is the most widely known and spoken dialect of the Inuktut language, was first added to Microsoft Translator in Jan. 2021. When it was first added to the platform, Microsoft Translator could only translate it using the native Inuktitut syllabary system.

Why Chinese New Year means two weeks off

Every winter, close to 17% of the world ‘s population, including more than 1 billion Chinese citizens, celebrate Chinese New Year. The 15-day festival, also known as the spring festival, kicks off on the second new moon after the winter solstice.

Kriol interpreting efforts misunderstood in Western Australia and abroad

Earlier this month, Australian politician Mark McGowan received harsh criticism for a video campaign intended to disseminate COVID-19-related information to Aboriginal people living in the state of Western Australia (WA). MultiLingual an Australian interpreter about the video and why the outrage against it is largely unjustified.

Questions for LocPros: Do you have an accent?

Are you speaking a second, third, or even fourth language fluently? Chances are, like me, no matter how hard you try, it is difficult to speak completely without a foreign accent.

What are languages? A primary student’s perspective

Languages are powerful weapons which are used as a mode of communication to express our thoughts. It is a way by which humans communicate with each other and build relationships by expressing ourselves through speech and writing. Language is a vital part of human connection.

Foreign press struggles to make Pork Pie Plot header make sense...

For the second time this month the international press is having fun trying to get a translation in the world of politics right, or, in this case, get it into proper context. This time around, it’s the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson who's in trouble and throwing international translators for a bit of a loop. 

How do you deal with your difficult name?

Do you have an unpronounceable, weird sounding, long or complex name? How do you deal? Have you given up or doubled down on the original name you were given? Do you have a cool name story to share?

Yakuza fans release patch for untranslated game

But thanks to franchise fan John “AugmentedSmoke” and his team, Team K4L, English-speaking Yakuza fans will have the chance to play unlocalized titles Black Panther: Like a Dragon New Chapter and Black Panther 2: Like a Dragon Ashura Chapter.

Native American tribes gather to kickstart International Decade of Indigenous Languages

Navajo, the most widely spoken indigenous language within US territory, is spoken by less than 200,000 people. In the coming decade, the UN plans to provide indigenous peoples with the support needed to preserve and revitalize their native languages.

Nonprofit expands accessibility for Jerusalem Talmud

It’s arguably the best way for laypeople and experts alike to experience the Jerusalem Talmud. The online version brings together all 17 volumes, matching the translation with the original Aramaic. Inquisitive minds can also take advantage of linked references, translations, and additional information sources.

Macron trips up translators

The controversy started when President Macron used the verb “emmerder” in an interview with Le Parisien. He was quoted as saying: “J’ai très envie d’emmerder les non-vaccinés,” voicing his intent to make the lives of the non-vaccinated difficult.

Norton publishes new translation of Arabian Nights, omits outdated notions of...

A new English translation of the classic work of Arabic folktales, Arabian Nights is opening up a wider discussion about the importance of updating...

New Year celebrations around the world

Historians estimate civilizations around the world have been commemorating the New Year for about 4,000 years. Humans developed increasingly sophisticated calendars, typically pinning the first day of the year to an agricultural or astronomical event.