10 and 20 us dollar bill

ATA Offers Payment Plan to Struggling Members

1 week ago
By MultiLingualStaff

Can’t afford your American Translators Association (ATA) dues? New this year, the organization is allowing members to pay in two installments: 50 percent down now,… Continue Reading

COVID-19 Swab Test

Want a Vaccine? Better Interpret for a Hospital Direct

4 weeks ago
By Terena BellTerena Bell

To get a vaccine at University of North Carolina (UNC) Health, you need to work for the hospital directly. That’s what Alan Wolf, director of… Continue Reading

TIS National

Will Interpreters Receive Vaccine?

1 month ago
By Terena BellTerena Bell

This week, doctors began administering the first of two anticipated coronavirus vaccines in the United States, BNT162b2. Unlike the United Kingdom where initial non-trial recipients… Continue Reading

Creating a workspace for your home-based localization business

11 months ago
By Tina MartinTerminology Glosses: Hikikomori and ikigai

The localization industry is built on freelancers and small businesses started from home. Sometimes, though, working from home can be challenging. Having a dedicated workspace… Continue Reading