Friday Roundup


Friday Roundup | November 20, 2020

Friday Roundup

CPSL announces partnership with DreamTech

To step up efforts toward technological development and offer comprehensive digital solutions, Barcelona-based language service provider CPSL is embarking on a joint project with DreamTech, a renowned immersive and interactive technologies provider, to offer state-of-the-art, multimedia, eLearning, and digital localization solutions. Now, CPSL will be able to add additional value in multilingual and localization projects by implementing DreamTech services, including 3D for virtual and augmented reality, prototyping and modeling. The synergies between the two companies will allow them to offer a fully personalized product to customers, who will now be able to enjoy the benefits of an end-to-end solution, created on demand.

Tenesoya Pawlowsky, CEO at CPSL, said that “By collaborating with DreamTech as a technical partner, we will lead the way in offering digital solutions that help companies train their teams and make them operative from anywhere, in a very short time, and by providing them with groundbreaking ways to further expand their business.”

SYSTRAN offers new widget

SYSTRAN announced its new Translation Widget designed to easily translate websites for global audiences. SYSTRAN Translation Widget is inserted directly into the website to translate text for all visitors and activates based on the visitor’s settings, cookies and preferred browser language. The widget can be deployed across most internet browsers and internal company intranets, and visitors can access it on PC, Mac laptops, tablets and smartphones. Users are also able to create customized user dictionaries that helps better translate special terminology, acronyms and industry-specific language. The new JavaScript Translation Widget uses SYSTRAN’s Marketplace Catalog, which has hundreds of language combinations in different domains so translations are adapted to businesses’ industry and professional jargon to provide a better and more meaningful experience for their website visitors.

Klaus Skovrup joins LanguageWire

Klaus Skovrup has joined LanguageWire as chief financial officer on October 1, 2020. Skovrup is based in the company’s Copenhagen office.

TransPerfect announces GlobalLink OneLink JS

TransPerfect announced the launch of GlobalLink OneLink JS, an extension of the GlobalLink OneLink website localization platform. GlobalLink OneLink automates the process of translating and releasing websites. With nothing to install, OneLink may not require IT involvement and requires no client-side project management.

Contentstack welcomes to Catalyst

Contentstack has announced that, the technology division of TransPerfect, has joined Contentstack’s Catalysts program. Catalysts advance the use of a microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native software-as-a-service, and headless (MACH) architecture. In so doing, will offer Contentstack users an all-in-one solution to initiate, automate, control, track and complete all facets of the translation process. The combination of Contentstack and the extended localization workflow capabilities of GlobalLink Connect will provide users with a comprehensive solution for global enterprise content management.

60 companies come together to form the Entertainment Globalization Association

10 founding companies and 50 forming companies have announced their collaboration to create the Entertainment Globalization Association (EGA). EGA defines its globalization mission as specifically concerned with dubbing, subtitling, and audio description services. The founding companies of the association are Audiomaster Candiani, Deluxe, Hiventy, Iyuno Media Group, Keywords Studios, Plint, SDI Media, Visual Data Media Services, VSI, and ZOO Digital. The additional 50 companies represent service providers from all around the world. EGA aims to form a closer connection to the creative community to better facilitate the “retelling” of their stories for global audiences. The association is primarily focused on creating educational resources, localization standards and generating consumer impact research of localization. Chris Fetner has been named as the managing director of the association. Before this role, Fetner led Netflix’s content localization vendor strategy for nearly a decade and is widely regarded as an industry transformer among entertainment localization companies.

“I feel incredibly fortunate to be given the opportunity to work with these leaders in localization, every company in the association is an outstanding contributor to sharing stories globally, and I’m excited to see how we can all work together to help creatives share their stories more broadly,” said Fetner.

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Friday Roundup | November 13, 2020

Friday Roundup

Lilt Labs opens registration for upcoming webinar, Rethinking Your Customer Engagement Strategy, with CSA Research

Join Lilt Labs next week when CSA Research shares insight on building a global engagement strategy. In this joint webinar, Lilt will speak with CSA Research Senior Analyst, Arle Lommel, to discuss the key steps in a successful international strategy, along with how AI can help new or existing programs run more effectively.

The webinar will discuss how to understand the customer engagement map, the benefits of planning multi-language content for every step of the journey, and how artificial intelligence is helping companies tackle customer engagement.

Register here to attend the webinar, which will take place live on November 18 @12PM ET/9AM PT. Recordings will be sent to registrants and attendees.

Women in Localization announces launch of its first student-led chapter at MIIS

Women in Localization announced this week its first student-run chapter at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS) in Monterey, CA. The chapter will be led by Elizabeth Hawkes, who will be joined by Jamie Chu and Jaqueline Xu as events managers and Autumn Smith as social media manager.

“It is difficult for many students to get access to and connect with industry professionals due to transportation challenges from Monterey to the Bay Area, where most of the events tend to be,” said Autumn Smith. “This student chapter aims to close this gap and make professional development and industry knowledge events more accessible to all interested students at the Middlebury Institute.”

Interpreters Unlimited named top 10 most reliable language translation solution provider

Interpreters Unlimited, Inc. (IU) has been named Top 10 Most Reliable Language Translation Solution Providers in 2020 by IndustryWired Magazine (IWM). IU is led by the father-son team of President and CEO Sayed Ali, and Vice President Shamus Sayed. IU has grown through strategic acquisitions that have helped expand services from translation, localization and interpretation to include language classes and non-emergency medical transportation. IWM is an independently published global media company and an industry resource for entrepreneurs. The company covers best business practices, insightful analysis, and interviews with industry leaders.

Plunet reveals Version 8.0 with innovative resource assignment management

Plunet has launched the new version 8.0 of the leading business and translation management system. The new release focuses on an improved resource assignment management, which sets new standards for the translation industry through extensive automation and improved usability.

XTRF takes their summit online in December

Summit #online is for new, potential, and long-standing XTRF clients. With a packed program full of content and inspiration, it will suit anyone that works with XTRF – from managers and owners, through to project managers, vendor managers, administrators, and salespeople. The event will be free, but event organizers ask that attendees donate to a designated environmental cause. Register and find out more about the event here.

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Friday Roundup | November 6, 2020

Friday Roundup

Kathy Laster appointed chair of Australia’s VITS Language Loop

Professor Kathy Laster, director of Victoria University’s Sir Zelman Cowen Centre, has been appointed chair of the Victorian Government’s Interpreting and Translating Service (VITS) Language Loop. With a network of over 3,000 interpreters assisting people in 160 languages to communicate in health, education, legal, and consumer settings, VITS has served Victoria’s diverse communities for more than 40 years.

“I am thrilled to be leading such an important organization which provides such vital services to Victoria’s diverse communities, which is more important today than ever” she said. “COVID 19 has highlighted the importance of effective communication channels with diverse communities, including making information available in community languages and providing interpreter services in health settings.”

Born in Hungary, Laster came to Australia as a child as part of the family reunion program for refugees. She co-authored Interpreters and the Legal System, a key text used in interpreter education in Australia and overseas. Professor Laster has been a public sector leader as CEO of the Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA) and executive director of the Victoria Law Foundation, where she championed access to justice through such initiatives as annual Law Week outreach events. She previously served on the board of AMES Australia, a migrant and refugee resettlement and education agency.

Germany’s Federal Ministry of Health Awards HYKIST Project to AppTek to provide critical care with AI-driven automatic speech translation technology

AppTek announced this week that it has been selected by the German Federal Ministry of Health for the Ministry’s HYKIST project. The project will assist language service providers (LSP) who work remotely with hospitals and emergency rooms throughout Germany, providing automatic speech recognition (ASR) and neural machine translation (NMT) to serve multilingual needs. Translating to and from German, AppTek aims to help healthcare providers improve critical care delivery for non-native speakers.

“Language barriers remain a significant hurdle when it comes to effective medical care worldwide. Unfortunately there are not enough interpreters available to address even basic medical requirements across a variety of languages and dialects,” said Volker Steinbiss, managing director of AppTek GmbH. “Especially in 2020 with the global pandemic, we have seen firsthand the importance of accurate communication in healthcare. AppTek is honored to provide our automatic speech translation capability to deliver real-world change that benefits the global healthcare community.”

The HYKIST project is an artificial intelligence-based, real-time automatic speech interpreting and translation system designed for LSPs to have more effective healthcare communications with non-German speaking patients. Currently, there are 20.8 million immigrants living in Germany, and up to 30% have only low-level German language skills. Insufficient language services in medical care has led to a decrease in trust of medical providers, lower quality of care, an increased rate of treatment errors, ineffective preventive measures for patients, and dissatisfaction among medical staff.

Through HYKIST, ASR and NMT will be combined with a dialog system for capturing initial medical history, and integrated into the Triaphon telecommunication platform already being used to assign language mediators to urgent phone conversations with medical staff in real time.

KantanMT appointed Dominick Kelly as technical solutions sales director

KantanMT this week announced it has appointed Dominick Kelly as technical solutions sales director. Kelly will be responsible for leading the sales function at KantanMT for both its KantanMT platform and KantanSkynet. This new hire comes as KantanMT experiences accelerated demand for its latest innovation KantanSkynet, a crowdsourcing translation platform that integrates into LiveChat, Ticket, FAQ, and Content systems. The platform delivers on-demand, post-edited translations chosen to suit an organization’s domain, cost, and knowledge requirements.

Kelly has 16 years of experience in technology and business roles within the localization industry at companies including STAR Group and RWS Group. More recently, he worked as EMEA client solutions director at XTM, where he secured a number of key accounts to support the organization’s growth.

Samsung S Translator service will be shut down next month

After discontinuing some of Bixby Vision’s augmented reality features last month, Samsung has announced it will shut down its S Translator service in December. Samsung made the announcement via an in-app notice to South Korean users announcing its plans to discontinue its in-house translation service.

The notice states that the after shutting down the S Translator service, Samsung will delete all personal information collected by the service.  The S Translator service came pre-installed on several flagship Galaxy devices and offered language translation between 11 languages: Brazilian Portuguese, English (UK), English (US), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish.

Although Samsung is shutting down S Translator, Galaxy users already have access to an alternative translation service in the form of the company’s voice assistant Bixby. The voice assistant can translate text from one language to another, it supports a larger number of languages, and it offers a significantly better user experience (UX) than the the S Translator. Bixby also supports live translation that makes use of your device’s camera to instantly translate any text you see around you from one language to another.

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Friday Roundup | October 30, 2020

Friday Roundup

SYSTRAN partners with TAUS to offer COVID Crisis Translation Models

SYSTRAN has struck a partnership with TAUS to provide global access to secure and accurate translations specific to the coronavirus pandemic through new Crisis Translation Models. SYSTRAN created these models in 12 language combinations, across six languages, based on quality parallel data provided by TAUS. Together, SYSTRAN and TAUS are working to ensure that people and communities in need have access to accurate coronavirus-related information in their local language.

“There are substantial volumes of information being produced and circulated about the virus, symptoms, new treatments, vaccines and data from all parts of the globe,” said CEO of SYSTRAN, John Paul Barraza. “Now more than ever, it is vital that information such as medical data, expert findings and guidelines are both readily available and accurate. However, translating this content accurately requires specific knowledge of medical and scientific terminology. By partnering with TAUS and building state-of-the-art models with SYSTRAN’s NMT technology we make translating this critical information as easy and accurate as possible.”

Germany’s Federal Ministry of Health Awards HYKIST Project to AppTek to equip critical care with ai-driven automatic speech translation technology

The HYKIST project is an artificial intelligence-based, real-time automatic speech interpreting and translation system designed for language mediators to have more effective healthcare communications with non-German speaking patients. Currently, there are 20.8 million immigrants living in Germany, and up to 30% have only low-level German language skills. A lack of or incorrect communication in medical care leads to underuse and misuse of medical services, lower quality of care, an increased rate of treatment errors, ineffective preventive measures for patients and dissatisfaction among medical staff.

Through HYKIST, ASR and NMT will be combined with a dialog system for capturing initial medical history, and integrated into the Triaphon telecommunication platform already being used to assign language mediators to urgent phone conversations with medical staff in real time. The project involves Triaphon, a non-profit organization with a mission to improve urgent medical care for patients with language barriers, as well as Fraunhofer FOKUS, Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization, and RWTH Aachen University, the largest technical university in Germany.

The HYKIST project will enhance existing AI-enabled automatic speech translation language models to meet the robust requirements of the medical domain, thereby enabling accurate communication between German healthcare providers and critical care patients. Ultimately, the goal is to facilitate doctor-patient communication for an ever-increasing variety of languages, so that no patients are left behind.

Wordbee and Intento announce connector

Wordbee and Intento just announced a connector that allows Wordbee users to access third-party machine translation (MT) systems available through Intento. This integration significantly extends the range of available MT systems that users can leverage from within Wordbee. It also provides access to advanced MT workflows and features of the Intento Enterprise MT Hub.

Unbabel launched Unbabel Portal

AI-assisted translation platform Unbabel has launched the Unbabel Portal, an interface on top of the Unbabel Platform, which offers customers the visualization and increased control over language operations.  Organizations are now able to view and analyze their language operations in a data-driven, self-service dashboard.

With the new Unbabel Portal, customer service leaders can monitor usage and quality, or download invoices to easily manage their language operations. Unbabel gives customers the needed visibility into their supported languages across different digital channels, and also how quickly agents are resolving issues to drive customer satisfaction.

“Customers need a quick and easy self-service solution to configure, monitor and optimize multilingual support operations. With the launch of the Unbabel Portal, we are enabling teams to better understand how increasing access and visibility to language operations positively impacts the customer experience,” said Vasco Pedro, CEO and co-founder at Unbabel. “The right visibility into language operations will change the way global organizations view multilingual customer service technologies – providing more strategic insight and guidance around global distribution.”

TransPerfect Life Sciences announces hiring of Industry veteran Gillian Gittens as eClinical Director

TransPerfect Life Sciences, a provider of technologies and services to support clinical trials and product development for the biopharmaceutical industry, has announced the hiring of Gillian Gittens as Director of eClinical Strategy and Solutions for the company’s Trial Interactive eClinical platform team.

Gittens will assume a leadership role on the company’s Trial Interactive eClinical innovation team, bringing more than 20 years of experience as a Trial Master File (TMF) expert. She has significant knowledge in eTMF client management, global marketing, and business development and previous experience with companies such as IQVIA, Phlexglobal, and GlaxoSmithKline. Gittens was responsible for implementing new initiatives and served as co-chair of the quality team for the DIA Framework for the Destruction of Paper initiative. She has also published several industry-specific articles in recognized and peer-reviewed journals.

At TransPerfect Life Sciences, Gittens will focus on driving the continued expansion and improvement of the suite of solutions available to clients, which include sponsors, sites, and CROs. In addition, she will provide her expertise to strategic client accounts and internal teams with the goal of increasing efficiency, innovation, and overall performance in document management and trial oversight.

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Friday Roundup | October 23, 2020

Friday Roundup

LicenseLogix, Interpreters and Translators, Inc., and Network Support Co. form The Supply Change Alliance to aid minority entrepreneurs

LicenseLogix, LLC (LLX), Interpreters and Translators, Inc. (iTi), and Network Support Co. (NSC) have joined teamed up to launch a philanthropic program designed to directly benefit minority entrepreneurs and help them realize their entrepreneurial visions. The Supply Change Alliance (The Alliance) is a minority business enterprise support initiative which provides qualified minority business owners with free and deeply discounted access to the companies’ services.

“Diversity in language and culture is the reason our company exists, so our team is particularly elated to collaborate with like-minded companies on this initiative,” iTi President Francesco Pagano said. “We are doing this to give back to the underserved community in our country. It’s the right thing to do to and we have the ability to make a real impact.”

Cloudbreak Health announces telehealth integration with Oneview Healthcare

Cloudbreak Health, a unified telemedicine and video medical interpretation solutions provider, has announced a new partnership with Oneview Healthcare, a healthcare technology company bringing digital services to the point of care. The partnership enables Martti, Cloudbreak’s video remote interpreting (VRI) services, within Oneview’s virtual care platform to offer patients and providers an integrated solution for overcoming language barriers in healthcare.

“Open and trusted communication is essential to empower patients and clinical teams at the point of care,” said Cloudbreak CEO Jamey Edwards. “As telehealth evolves, ensuring healthcare equity and language access has become a major priority at health systems nationwide. We’re excited to partner with Oneview to bridge the gap in health equity at the bedside.”

SYSTRAN named Official Translation Partner of the World Trade Center San Diego

SYSTRAN, an AI-based translation technology company, announced this week that the company has been named the official translation partner of the World Trade Center (WTC) San Diego. This partnership will give burgeoning small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) access to translation technology that will help grow their businesses and support their customers across the globe.

“San Diego has been home to SYSTRAN since 1968 and our focus has always been on supporting the local community,” said Ken Behan, VP of sales and marketing at SYSTRAN. “This new partnership is about expanding our local economy and supporting SMBs in their global reach and growth. These companies will now have the tools they need to assist in growing exports and trade across the world.”

ACLU of Maine launches voter protection hotline, offering interpreting services in more than 200 languages

The ACLU of Maine is encouraging voters to call or text its 2020 Voter Protection Hotline if they have questions about voting or if they experience trouble at any point in the voting process – from registering to vote, to casting an absentee ballot, to voting at the polls on Election Day.

The hotline offers on-demand interpreting services in more than 200 languages. Voters who do not speak English or have limited English proficiency are encouraged to call if they have questions or encounter issues with voting.

The hotline is staffed by volunteers and ACLU staff from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday, until Election Day on November 3. The number for the hotline is 207-204-VOTE (8683). The TTY line is 207-204-8684. Voters can also email

Boostlingo extends VRI support as election season nears

From the Boostlingo announcement: “Navigating the 2020 election season is a challenge. From extended registration deadlines to early voting to mail-in options, it’s hard to keep up with the changes due to COVID-19. That’s why we’re extending our video remote interpreting (VRI) hours to ensure voters have access to the information they need — regardless of their language.”

Long Beach City announces Spanish translation services will be automatic at City Council meetings moving forward

Spanish translation at City Council meetings will no longer need to be requested by residents, the city announced Thursday afternoon. The city had resumed live public comments in June but did not start offering translation services until August after months of outcries from community organizers who said that not providing it was blocking immigrant communities who don’t speak English from getting important information during the middle of a health pandemic.

Prior to Thursday’s announcement, people wishing to hear public meetings had to request those services at least 24 hours in advance. If they did not, the chances were high that they wouldn’t be able to participate in the meeting in a language they fully understood. Now, Spanish translation will be automatic.

“It’s about time this happened and I’m extremely proud of all of our community members who advocated to ensure this became a reality,” said Gaby Hernandez, executive director of the Long Beach Immigrants Rights Coalition, one of the groups who had advocated for better access for non-English speakers. “This wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for their voices and courage.”

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Friday Roundup | October 16, 2020

Friday Roundup

XTM announces new version of XTM Cloud

XTM International, the company behind the enterprise cloud-based translation management system, announced the release of its new version of XTM Cloud. XTM Cloud 12.5, the “Powerful Connectivity” release comes with new integrations and CMS connectivity as well as usability and productivity enhancements. Read our improved release blog to find out more.

Wordbee hires new CEO

Wordbee announced the appointment of Andre Hemker as new Chief Executive Officer as of October 1, 2020 taking over from José Vega.

YTranslations becomes Citrix provider

YTranslations has become an Authorized Citrix Service Provider and Advisor. Citrix is a application that allows users to securely connect to a virtual desktop, server, application, or roaming profile through a terminal (or other computer). In partnership with Podio, YTranslations developed a custom translation management system (CMS) that helps automate organizational processes. Features include automated project management processes (linguist project offer emails, assignments allocation); automated billing and financial processes (invoices, purchase orders); and automated linguist assessments and review performance system.

GTE Localize opens new production office in Indonesia

GTE Localize, a medium-size translation agency specializing in Asian languages, has opened a new office in Indonesia.

SDL wins long-term enterprise agreement with US Navy

SDL has announced a long-term contract with the US Navy to standardize the creation, management, and delivery of all technical publications on the SDL Contenta Publishing Suite. The Navy Enterprise Subscription License (NESL) agreement re-affirms SDL’s role in the US Navy’s ongoing rationalization, reduction, and centralization strategy to lower the total cost of ownership of all technical publications.

First deployed in 2009, the SDL Contenta Publishing Suite is centrally hosted and managed from the US Navy’s Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Data Center, laying the foundations for the US Navy’s Standardized NAVSEA Integrated Publishing Process (SNIPP). The SNIPP standard — which all NAVSEA organizations are required to use — supports the acquisition, development, maintenance, storage, and distribution of technical manuals, content, data and source files.

Boostlingo launches American Sign Language 24/7 service

From all areas of telehealth care, emergency and public agency and legal aid support services, and everywhere else where language support is vital, the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed a growing need for improved access to American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters. Video remote interpreting (VRI) solutions have helped improve availability for deaf and hard of hearing individuals that need to connect with professional interpretation services, regardless of their location. This VRI-ASL service has solved many of the geographical challenges that exist today in terms of connecting to qualified ASL support, but it has not always been readily available after-hours and overnight.

Recently, the Boostlingo interpreting platform has begun offering on-demand support for ASL video remote interpreting to include calls that occur outside the hours of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST (US). Extending to full 24-hour 7 days a week access to ASL interpreters via its video remote interpreting platform, Boostlingo is widening the hours of coverage to provide connectivity for all deaf and hard of hearing individuals to ensure that they can receive appropriate care during a medical emergency at any time, through the use of the Boostlingo HIPAA compliant telehealth platform; feel confident that they can make emergency calls any time in order to communicate with police, fire or EMT services whenever urgent and needed; access an attorney or legal services outside of office hours; and communicate with customer service representatives in industries that have extended business hours, such as hospitality and tourism.

Vermont DMV expands language, translation services for residents

More Vermonters will have increased access to services from the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, as the department expands its applications and driver tests to cover nine languages spoken by state residents. Forms for driver’s permits, licenses, and identification cards will be available in Arabic, Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian, Burmese, French, Kirundi, Nepali, Somali, Spanish, and Swahili.

The announcement came on Friday from the Vermont Department of Vehicles, following bills enacted in the past year to provide increased services and support for New Americans.

TAIA, the Slovenian AI Translation Platform, Gets €1.2 million investment

The Slovenia translation platform TAIA, which makes use of deep learning methods, has received a 1.2 million euro investment from Fil Rouge Capital, a European venture capital fund. The funds are to be used to boost TAIA’s presence on foreign markets and a further development of the deep learning algorithms.

According to TAIA INT, the company behind the platform, this is one of the biggest investments in tech companies in Slovenia this year.

“With the investment we will be able to spread faster on western European market, secure a footing in the US and continue developing technological solutions that enable faster and higher quality translation,” said Marko Hozjan of TAIA INT.

Éclair opens new Barcelona studio, upgrades Paris facility

Localization specialist Eclair Versioning & Accessibility (EVA) has opened a new dubbing studio in Barcelona, and has added a state-of-the-art, additional recording room in its Vanves (Paris) facility, as it continues its current expansion plans.

The new room in the Paris facility will serve both theatrical and TV recordings, and becomes the fifth hybrid room enabled for both recording and mixing. The facility also has two rooms dedicated to recording and another two designed as mixing studios.

“Our teams have worked very hard during these last weeks to complete [the new room] Audi 1; the initial feedback received from customers has been excellent. This addition continues the path started with Tecnison’s acquisition and the build of our Berlin studios, listening and responding to our customers’ needs,” said Bouchra Alami, EVA’s French country manager.

Amazon starts road-testing streamlined, multilingual Alexa Auto SDK 3.0

Amazon unveiled Alexa Auto SDK 3.0 on Monday, upgrading and adding new features to its automotive platform. Arriving a little over a year after version 2.0 debuted, the new Alexa Auto SDK appears focused on making it easier to add and run custom versions of the platform to more vehicles.

The new SDK supports multilingual mode, where drivers can speak two different languages, and Alexa will recognize and respond in kind. The language duos depend on geography, with the English everywhere, but Spanish in the US, French in Canada, and Hindi in India as options. The new SDK also supports text messaging via paired smartphones. Alexa can read and respond to the texts and can send messages directly to Alexa devices so that someone could make an announcement on their home Echo smart speaker for those at home to hear.

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Friday Roundup | Oct. 9, 2020

Friday Roundup

KantanMT and Wordbee Announce Connector

Wordbee customers can now benefit from a seamless integration enabling access to high speed, high quality neural machine translation from the KantanMT platform.

Women in Localization welcomes Lionbridge as Gold Sponsor

Lionbridge has been a consistent supporter of Women in Localization globally by hosting local chapter events, facilitating expert discussions on topics such as mentorship, as well the individual support of many global Lions who are members and active participants in events. Lionbridge looks forward to continuing to work with the group to spread a message of diversity and supporting mentorship and education initiatives.

This sponsorship highlights Lionbridge’s continued efforts to create an environment of inclusion and champion global Lions and their diversity. “Our mission is to break barriers and build bridges and we are a company that values inclusion and diversity,” Lionbridge CEO John Fennelly said. “That mission aligns perfectly with the inclusive community that Women in Localization has created. We’re proud to strengthen our partnership with them to support their global growth and impact.”

Azerbaijan State Translation Center takes part in Kochur Fest International Forum of Translators

The Center’s publications were successfully presented at Ukraine’s Maxim Rylsky library. The festival, which is famous for its literary and cultural history, was held with the support of Ukrainian Writers’ Union, Literaturnaya Ukraina newspaper, European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Literature, and Summit-Kniga publishing house.

“The Azerbaijan State Translation Center makes a lot of efforts to develop literary ties between Azerbaijan and other countries, to popularize modern and classical Azerbaijani literature,” said Azerbaijan State Translation Center Executive Secretary Marina Goncharuk. “The partnership with Ukraine is of particular attention, which is evidenced by the Anthology of Modern Azerbaijani Poetry, Imadaddin Nasimi’s poetry collection I Put Myself in the Path of Truth and Salam Sarvan’s poetry collection published in Ukraine. The Translation Center is the institution that forms a modern translation school in Azerbaijan, and also makes efforts to exchange experience with translators from different countries.”

TransPerfect owner Shawe settles legal disputes with former co-owner Elting

Philip R. Shawe and Elizabeth Elting have settled out of court on long-running issues related to the sale of TransPerfect, a letter from Shawe’s attorney to Delaware Chancery Court stated. The one-time couple owned a 50-50 share of the New York City-based translation services company, with the case over control ending up in Chancery Court.

While prevailing in the Chancery case, with Elting selling her share, Shawe has remained critical of Chancery Court and a decision to appoint a custodian Robert Pincus during the selling process. The dispute, by some accounts, added up to a quarter of a billion dollars in costs.

The settlement provides for the transfer of Elting’s 50% ownership interest in Wordfast, LLC, a company with technology used by TransPerfect, as well as real estate holdings in New York and California. In a letter to Chancellor Andre Bouchard, Shawe’s lawyer said the TransPerfect owner is “similarly dedicated to finding extra-judicial resolution of the remaining disputes in this case.” The letter expressed hope for a settlement related to billing by Pincus and Skadden Arps. Shawe has claimed billing related to Pincus’ work lacks a detailed listing of services.


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