Weekly Shorts | January 15, 2021

4 days ago
By MultiLingualStaff

Translation error says Spanish speakers don’t need vaccine A localization error on the Virginia Department of Health’s website told Spanish speakers they don’t need coronavirus… Continue Reading

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Vaccine Saves Language and Lives, NPR Reports

5 days ago
By Terena BellTerena Bell

Getting vaccinated against covid-19 may do more than save your life. It could also save your language. That’s what Cherokee schoolteacher Meda Nix told National… Continue Reading

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Belgian Translation Error Could Result in Travel Fines

2 weeks ago
By MultiLingualStaff

English-speaking visitors to Belgium may have arrived under a misunderstood set of coronavirus-related travel rules, according to national newspaper The Brussels Times. “According to the… Continue Reading


Gender Inclusive or Just Bad Hebrew?

2 weeks ago
By MultiLingualStaff

It’s traditional for the United States House of Representatives to open each new session with a prayer, but that prayer typically doesn’t end with “a-women.”… Continue Reading


Anja Jones Translation Goes Fully Virtual

2 weeks ago
By MultiLingualStaff

Anja Jones Translation (AJT), a British language services provider (LSP), has gone completely virtual. Staff’s last day in the company’s physical Newquay, England office was… Continue Reading


State of German Industry Report Released

3 weeks ago
By MultiLingualStaff

Qualitätssprachendienste Deutschlands (QSD) has released its first report on the state of the German language industry. Compiled from national statistics authority data and the responses… Continue Reading


What Languages Will the New Constitution of Chile Reflect?

3 months ago
By MultiLingualStaff

After this week’s vote to compose a new constitution, a debate is occurring in Chile about whether Indigenous groups will be represented in the upcoming… Continue Reading


Chinese Project Promotes Local Dialects, but in What Capacity?

3 months ago
By Jonathan Pyner

Surveying a wide swath of regions, Chinese officials aim to preserve and promote local dialects. The country’s human rights record, however, stands at odds with… Continue Reading

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Turkish Social Media Law set to Gobble up Dissent

4 months ago
By Bobb Drake

The Turkish parliament swiftly approved a new law regulating social media at the end of July, after Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned earlier in… Continue Reading


Journalists Face Widespread Crackdown After Belarus Vote

5 months ago
By MultiLingualStaff

Authorities in Belarus have received international criticism for their violent crackdown on journalists following the re-election of President Alexander Lukashenko. Many believe the election results… Continue Reading