Maldonado named Women in Localization president

7 days ago
By MultiLingualStaff

Women in Localization has a new president: Argentine translation leader Cecilia Maldonado begins her one-year term today. Founded in 2008, Women in Localization is a… Continue Reading


State of German Industry Report Released

3 weeks ago
By MultiLingualStaff

Qualitätssprachendienste Deutschlands (QSD) has released its first report on the state of the German language industry. Compiled from national statistics authority data and the responses… Continue Reading


Appalachia en Español

4 weeks ago
By MultiLingualStaff

When you live in the Appalachian mountains, Spanish textbooks don’t always speak to you. That’s the realization that led Harlan County, Kentucky schoolteachers Chris Anama-Green… Continue Reading

New GALA Board Announced

1 month ago
By MultiLingualStaff

The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) has announced its 2021-2022 directors. Of the seven person board, four seats were up for grabs with 18 members… Continue Reading


Statement on Languages Calls for Embrace of Multilingualism

2 months ago
By MultiLingualStaff

As global and local communications continue to become more vital than ever — and more and more disparate — five academies from the UK, the… Continue Reading

Are five languages enough to guarantee global success?

2 years ago
By Louise TaylorLouise Taylor

According to statistics from the UN, the countries of the G7 alone account for more than 46% of global gross domestic product and represent approximately… Continue Reading

Reaching a global audience to maximize your startup’s potential

3 years ago
By Louise TaylorLouise Taylor

The pace of globalization is quickening. Startups today have a wider audience at their fingertips than ever before. Technology can help with this, and the… Continue Reading