Translated releases a short film about the wonders of language

4 weeks ago
By Marjolein Groot NibbelinkMarjolein Groot Nibbelink

Translating means allowing everyone to understand the world and to be understood. This is a real gift that people working into the localization industry offer… Continue Reading


Friday Roundup | December 18, 2020

1 month ago
By MultiLingualStaff

Smartling announces new Adobe integration Translation management system provider Smartling has announced its latest Adobe tools integration. In the past, the platform has connected to… Continue Reading

Experiential Marketing

How experiential marketing is gaining momentum

9 months ago
By Christian A. KruseChristian A. Kruse

Experiential marketing is a tactic that goes beyond promoting a brand’s products or services. In this form of marketing, the consumer doesn’t sit passively and… Continue Reading

Featuring translators into the new year

1 year ago
By Katie Botkin

Translation, of course, is the life blood of global commerce and what we do. We acknowledge it, but don't always actually feature translators when we… Continue Reading

How localization works for emails

Better ROI with localized emails

2 years ago
By Rilind ElezajRilind Elezaj

Language is one of the key challenges of sending emails to your international recipients. Email localization is a genius way in which global companies can… Continue Reading

Five advantages of using marketing localization for your business

2 years ago
By Joevren CurmiJoevren Curmi

Marketers are often plagued with a dilemma when reaching out to a new market: to standardize or to localize? There are disadvantages and advantages on… Continue Reading

“Top” advertisements generate top dollar for companies — in fines

2 years ago
By Betsy LinBetsy Lin

China’s state news agency, Xinhua, released two updated style guides on the tail of China’s 2015 advertising law overhaul. Faced with these new regulations, foreign… Continue Reading

The late, great Dubliner Phil Lynnott of Thin Lizzy. Image via Wikimedia. Thin Lizzy have a belter of a song called "Don't Believe a Word"!

Are You A Startup Sherpa Or A UX Rockstar? Don’t Believe A Word

2 years ago
By Ultan Ó BroinUltan Ó Broin

Shopping Around For Sherpas Check out this superb article by linguist, lexicographer, columnist, and self-described “all-around word nut”  Ben Zimmer (@bgzimmer) in The Atlantic. Ben discusses the cultural… Continue Reading

Why not to localize GDPR

Why NOT to localize GDPR implementation

3 years ago
By Marjolein Groot NibbelinkMarjolein Groot Nibbelink

Suddenly your inbox is filling up with updated privacy policy notices from every company you have ever offered your name or email to. It’s worth… Continue Reading

Five ways to localize your email marketing strategy

3 years ago
By Rae SteinbachRae Steinbach

Email marketing can be extremely effective; you just need to plan your strategy before implementing it. By localizing your emails, you’re much more likely to… Continue Reading

Why people are ignoring your marketing, and what you can do about it

4 years ago
By Louise TaylorLouise Taylor

Do you feel like you put hours into your marketing efforts, but get very little return? Does the sight of marketing tasks on your to-do… Continue Reading