Localizing the issue of generative AI

With all the daily media attention given to artificial intelligence (AI), it’s easy to think of it as a “recent discovery,” and to a...

Meta researchers share Llama 2, a safer, open-source large language model

The number of publicly available LLMs has skyrocketed in recent months, as developers rush to get their piece of the pie. PaLM, GPT-4, Claude, and now Llama 2.

The false promise of generative AI detectors

AI detectors claim to be able to identify text that was generated by large language models. But how well do they actually work?

AI and localization: beyond the hype

Every few months we are asking how AI will change the world, how customer needs are driving its evolution, and how we are tackling the challenges.

Google unveils generative AI tools at developer conference

Since 2016, Google’s been primarily focused on artificial intelligence (AI) research and development. And that R&D appears to be paying off, if Wednesday’s Google...

Bringing 200 languages to ModernMT: A Q&A with Translated’s Marco Trombetti

MultiLingual recently caught up with the company’s CEO, Marco Trombetti, to learn a little bit more about what it took to increase the number of languages offered on ModernMT by nearly four times what it previously was.

AI Act makes headway in European Parliament

The act has generated quite a bit of buzz over the past few months; now that a provisional deal has been reached, a key committee vote is scheduled for May 11, with a plenary vote expected about a month later.

The Language AI Alphabet: transformers, LLMs, generative AI and ChatGPT

SPONSORED — We see GenAI, LLMs, GPT, and more buzzwords and acronyms flying around, intermingled and misused. In this article, we sort out the AI alphabet so you don’t have to. Get ready for a lot of three-letter acronyms (TLA)!

School districts, businesses, and now countries: The push to ban ChatGPT

On Friday, Italy’s Data Protection Authority placed a temporary ban on OpenAI’s popular chatbot, citing a range of concerns over privacy, age verification, and the tool’s potential to spread unverified or false information. 

Canva launches translation and other AI-powered features

Canva just entered the machine translation (MT) game.

OpenAI launches GPT-4, improving accuracy and introducing image input

On Tuesday, OpenAI launched GPT-4, the fourth installment in the artificial intelligence (AI) lab’s GPT series.

Localization leaders discuss ChatGPT’s potential impact on the industry at Custom.MT...

The online event featured panels with language industry experts on how localization professionals can integrate ChatGPT into their workflow and what the advent of this technology could mean for the industry as a whole.