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Localization & Race: Disney’s Dubbing Controversy

3 days ago
By MultiLingualStaff

Disney/Pixar’s localization of the movie Soul has generated some race-related controversy, according to The Independent. Released in 41 different countries, the film is about a Black… Continue Reading


Weekly Shorts | January 15, 2021

1 week ago
By MultiLingualStaff

Translation error says Spanish speakers don’t need vaccine A localization error on the Virginia Department of Health’s website told Spanish speakers they don’t need coronavirus… Continue Reading

Newly-Founded Entertainment Globalization Association Shares Strategy

2 months ago
By Katie Botkin

The newly-minted Entertainment Globalization Association (EGA), just created last week, has set its sights on publicizing the role of localization in the entertainment industry. The… Continue Reading


Weymouth Public School Meetings Now with CC Translation

4 months ago
By MultiLingualStaff

In response to demand for translation of the meetings, the school district will now work with the Weymouth Educational Telecommunications Corporation to bring multilingual closed-captioning… Continue Reading


Welsh Language Re-included in Council during Pandemic

4 months ago
By MultiLingualStaff

After facing criticism, the city council in Denbighshire, Wales will now allow Zoom in council meetings to better serve Welsh language speakers with simultaneous translation… Continue Reading


An Interview With Christoffer Nilsson

6 months ago
By Marjolein Groot NibbelinkMarjolein Groot Nibbelink

By the looks of his LinkedIn profile, Christoffer Nilsson is nothing short of a true startup success story. Even before graduating from Lund University, Sweden,… Continue Reading

Experiential Marketing

How experiential marketing is gaining momentum

9 months ago
By Christian A. KruseChristian A. Kruse

Experiential marketing is a tactic that goes beyond promoting a brand’s products or services. In this form of marketing, the consumer doesn’t sit passively and… Continue Reading

Monitoring your multilingual website’s performance during quarantine traffic

9 months ago
By Laurence SumandoLaurence Sumando

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, computers and smartphones are one of the few mediums people use to stay connected. This presents ripe website traffic opportunities. Continue Reading


Nine multilingual SEO mistakes and how to avoid them

9 months ago
By Martin WoodsMartin Woods

Building an international and multilingual presence online isn’t the easiest thing to do, and there are plenty of ways to mess up. That’s why it’s… Continue Reading

Narcos in German

How movies impact our societies

10 months ago
By Sarah MorrisSarah Morris

Every movie is set and developed in a particular culture. They are an integral part of us; they mirror what we believe in and how… Continue Reading

Localization lessons from a software startup

2 years ago
By Kevin DonovanKevin Donovan

If you should find yourself responsible for localization in a startup company, there are four things that you are likely to encounter... Continue Reading

Translation chatbots and the US election

2 years ago
By Rilind ElezajRilind Elezaj

With political campaigns suggesting that texting young voters can be an effective method for getting the vote out, translation chatbots may actually play a role… Continue Reading

Multimedia synonyms explored

3 years ago
By Laura Di TullioLaura Di Tullio

A lot has happened in translation in the last few years, including significant advances in multimedia translation. A quick search resulted in a whole list… Continue Reading