Weekly Shorts | January 15, 2021

4 days ago
By MultiLingualStaff

Translation error says Spanish speakers don’t need vaccine A localization error on the Virginia Department of Health’s website told Spanish speakers they don’t need coronavirus… Continue Reading

people waiting for train in station

Beijing subway to standardize English translations

2 weeks ago
By MultiLingualStaff

If you’re heading to Beijing you may have to put up with conflicting subway station names — at least for a while. According to news… Continue Reading


Gender Inclusive or Just Bad Hebrew?

2 weeks ago
By MultiLingualStaff

It’s traditional for the United States House of Representatives to open each new session with a prayer, but that prayer typically doesn’t end with “a-women.”… Continue Reading


Appalachia en Español

4 weeks ago
By MultiLingualStaff

When you live in the Appalachian mountains, Spanish textbooks don’t always speak to you. That’s the realization that led Harlan County, Kentucky schoolteachers Chris Anama-Green… Continue Reading

Geological Sciences

Geological Sciences in Cape Town to Translate Terms

5 months ago
By Jonathan Pyner

A project at the University of Cape Town has begun to translate geological terms into the country’s official languages. The team hopes future scientific discourse… Continue Reading

Ten Spanish expressions that don’t translate well into English

1 year ago
By Sophia Eakins

Spanish is the world’s most widely spoken Romance language, and its proliferation in different countries and locales presents its own set of translation challenges. These… Continue Reading