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February/March 2018

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From review to quality | Klaus Fleischmann
Multilingual February/March 2018

We see the review process as a cornerstone of an integrated quality management system based on true collaboration between all the relevant stakeholders, rather than just black box thinking. Consequently, reviewers assume a new and much more strategic, proactive role....

Seven tasks for audiovisual training | Alexey V. Kozulyaev
Multilingual February/March 2018

Audiovisual localization has its own set of challenges. Fully training personnel to meet these challenges can ensure that goals such as continuous delivery are met....

Columns and Commentary

Post Editing | Katie Botkin
Multilingual February/March 2018

New technology means new products, potentially expanding the definition of medical devices. New medical device mergers — becoming ever-more common — present their own set of potential headaches....

Client Talk: IRD Balancing | Terena Bell
Multilingual February/March 2018

There are two reasons IRD translates certain content in-house. And both reasons have a well-established industry solution: Translators who specialize in a technical terminology set and translation management software (TMS)....

Localization Business School: Why good people leave | Andrew Lawless
Multilingual February/March 2018

A Gallup study of 7,272 US adults revealed that one in two had left their job to get away from their manager to improve their overall life at some point in their career. Yet I hear a rash of excuses from business owners and managers alike....

Word on the Street: Real networking in language services | Adam Wooten
Multilingual February/March 2018

The most immediate benefit of real networking is that it relieves us of the anxiety brought on by fake networking. When we show genuine interest in what others are saying, we are not stressing so much about how we will attempt a response to inflate someone else’s view of us. When we honestly help others, we feel more confident and less insecure because we are contributors, not merely takers....

Community Lives: Interoperability based on Linport | Jeannette Stewart
Multilingual February/March 2018

Linport is a collaborative project once again developing an open format that can be used by translation tools to package translation materials....

Core Focus

Digital healthcare technology and its limits | Thomas Gilmartin
Multilingual February/March 2018

A service that offers almost immediate access to doctors at a time when many are waiting three weeks or more to see their regular doctor seems like something that would be universally welcomed. One major problem is that access is not available equally to all. A quick look at the app’s terms and conditions shows that people with “complex mental health problems or complex physical, psychological or social needs” might not be suitable users of this technology....

The M&A playbook for medical devices | Janis Shea
Multilingual February/March 2018

The life sciences industry is among the most active sectors for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in recent years, especially the medical device sector. In 2017, the top ten biggest M&A medical device deals came with a combined price tag of over $65 billion....

What the 2017 EU regulations mean for medical device localization | Shannon Rose Farrell-Jackson
Multilingual February/March 2018

The new regulations are extensive. The English regulations’ text — with multiple annexes — runs to over 180,000 words, and while it is available in 23 other EU languages as well as English, remains a bit daunting to interpret. Here we provide an overview of the regulations as well as how this will affect translation overall....

Global UX considerations for medical devices | Libor Safar
Multilingual February/March 2018

When you think of a medical device, user experience (UX) might not come to mind as one of its key features. But UX is quickly rising in importance for medical device manufacturers, and global UX considerations are becoming an indispensable part of the typical medical device design process....


The General Theory of the Translation Company | Sarah Pokorná
Multilingual February/March 2018

I don’t think there’s any better way to sum up what this book is about than the title. Having worked my way through pretty much every job in the translation industry, I jumped on the opportunity to give it a read, to see if others see the industry like I do....


No padding is sexy now | Chen Yi
Multilingual February/March 2018

The 2017 Victoria’s Secret fashion show in Shanghai supplied Chinese social media with a multitude of trending topics. Given that the brand doesn’t open any flagship store in China until February 2018, this late-bloomer can be inspiring for many international brands. After all, neither Google nor Facebook is a success story in this much-coveted market....


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