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December 2017

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Minimum viable (localized) product | Jeff Beatty
Multilingual December 2017

In software, the acronym MVP (minimum viable product) has become a popular buzzword. For global tech companies, defining an MVP involves client-side localization teams and product owners coming together to make decisions about their minimum viable localized product (MVLP)....

Columns and Commentary

Post Editing | Katie Botkin
Multilingual December 2017

App, as we know, stands for “all people participate.” Or if it doesn’t, then it might as well: apps have become nearly ubiquitous....

Word on the Street: Four keys to successful client reviews | Adam Wooten
Multilingual December 2017

When a colorblind software developer I know was put in charge of user interface design for his company, he naturally protested that he was not the right choice. He knew his opinions would differ significantly from most users, and he did not want to be held responsible for introducing any aesthetic flaws. Similarly, it could be problematic to ask a colorblind uncle to inspect the paint job on your home. Nevertheless, many translation requesters trust their internal reviews to nonnative speakers of the target language....

Terminology Glosses: Mobile | Laura Di Tullio
Multilingual December 2017

A vintage version of The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines mobile as an adjective meaning “capable of being easily moved.” In a similar way, the 1905 edition of An American Dictionary of the English Language, based on the then-latest conclusions of the most eminent philologists, also classifies it as an adjective meaning “can be moved.”...

Client Talk: CroatiaTech | Terena Bell
Multilingual December 2017

By chatting with current and prospective clients outside of a sales environment, we hope our industry will be able to better identify the true motivation behind buyer decisions. And who knows? Maybe we’ll expose common misconceptions about our industry as we go along....

Localization Business School: Will localizers be automated away? | Andrew Lawless
Multilingual December 2017

With increased automation, software reaches decision-making capabilities previously thought to be confined to the human brain. No profession is exempt, except when rendering these services requires a capacity for intimacy, compassion and emotional response....

Community Lives: Treasure languages | Jeannette Stewart
Multilingual December 2017

I think it’s fair to say that in the language industry we regard translation as the foundation stone of our business. So imagine my complete astonishment when I recently learned about a project that is recording a language without any plans for translation into other languages — a language that we would label endangered. And to top it all, this language uses no writing system: it is transmitted orally, depending on new blood to perpetuate its long history....

Core Focus

Revolutionizing worldwide geolocation in three simple words | Thomas Gilmartin
Multilingual December 2017

Geolocation app what3words is transforming location identification across the world. Localization issues play a key role in the app's development, as well as in its current and potential uses....

Bridging gaps in app localization | Afaf Steiert, Yasin Steiert
Multilingual December 2017

To execute a successful internationalization project on an app, it is important that language service providers (LSPs) and app developers increasingly become symbiotic in their knowledge of one another. Translators have often come to us to express their discontent with projects that are related to mobile apps, since there is a disconnect between what an LSP can do and what an app developer demands for their project. Creating a clear and defined scope of the viability of the project’s success and utilizing a translation management system (TMS) that the client can also be involved in will greatly assist in reducing wasted time and money for all parties involved....

Localizing apps for multilingual conversations | Rebecca Ray
Multilingual December 2017

Mobile devices may have greatly increased the demand for more localized experiences, but it is the addition of speech that mandates local languages since people much prefer speaking in their mother tongue with personal gadgets or services they use every day.

With these devices so ubiquitous and in the hands of so many people who did not grow up typing on a keyboard, voice-driven apps in long tail languages can’t come soon enough....

Five steps to prepare your mobile app localization | Christina Comben
Multilingual December 2017

Which markets are the most popular when it comes to using apps? According to App Annie, smartphone users who spend the most time on their apps come from South Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Japan and India, followed closely by the US and UK.

Many of them don’t speak English, though, or if they do, English is their second language, making mobile app localization vital....


Dear LSPs: You’re selling yourselves short | John Yunker
Multilingual December 2017

Four years ago, I wrote an essay titled “Transcreation is here to stay.” And in the essay, I explained why I felt this way: “Because translation sounds like a commodity; transcreation sounds like a service.”

I noted then that the marketing firm Hogarth was looking to hire a transcreation account manager, and that this development was a sign of things to come....

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