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November/December 2018

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The changing scope of enterprise localization management | Edmund Blogg
MultiLingual November/December 2018

Life on the buyer and vendor sides of the language industry can be very different, and a range of technological and commercial factors continue to change both the function and scope of corporate language teams.

So what does it take to thrive as an enterprise localization manager in today’s business climate?...

Columns and Commentary

Post Editing | Katie Botkin
MultiLingual November/December 2018

So perhaps AI is coming for us all, and perhaps it isn’t. And perhaps the ways that it is can be harnessed and controlled, with the examples laid out in this issue....

Terminology Glosses: AI and paradigm shifts | Laura Di Tullio
MultiLingual November/December 2018

Yet when it comes to artificial intelligence, the change is so striking and extraordinary that the language is not entirely codified yet and even less so are the new concepts developing around such change. For terminologists, this is a very intriguing moment. Change — and this time change involves the very essence of human beings — is accompanied by new terms and concepts that define new scenarios....

Community Lives: AI and the language community | Jeannette Stewart
MultiLingual November/December 2018

AI is simultaneously seen as having a place in the language community, and as being a threat....

Client Talk: Buzz Feed | Terena Bell
MultiLingual November/December 2018

Welcome to Client Talk, where we chat with the people who buy (or should buy) language services. When do they say professional translation is worth it?...

Perspectives: The future of localization in India and other emerging markets | Devaki Datar-Kunte
MultiLingual November/December 2018

Though machine translation is the current buzz for the language industry, it is still in a nascent stage for all Indian languages. Partnering with a professional language company is therefore imperative to be able to speak locally to your clients....

Core Focus

AI’s role in project management | Hélène Pielmeier
MultiLingual November/December 2018

AI can apply to every aspect of project management from vendor selection to timeline calculations, detecting the need to apply rush fees or to special preferences from a client that require a process adjustment....

How AI is changing the future of translation management | Rob Vandenberg
MultiLingual November/December 2018

Translation technology companies are now using AI-based rules engines to change the future of translation management by increasing the automation of workflows, vendor management and quality evaluation....

Tips for building an internal AI team | Myra Goldie
MultiLingual November/December 2018

Yes, the thought of having an in-house AI team is exciting, but it’s not necessarily the best business decision for all companies. Make sure you’re all in before taking the first steps.

Do put a lot of time and thought into whether this is really the right decision....

Profiling giraffes and reindeer | Jim Compton
MultiLingual November/December 2018

There are those who are suspicious and fearful of AI; those who directly develop the technology; and those who are optimistic about its potential and keen to maximize its practical use, even if they’re not entirely sure what that looks like. They’re seeking those “killer applications” of AI that are both relevant to their business and obtainable....

Deep learning, a chip off the old block | Aidan Collins
MultiLingual November/December 2018

In both the role of sculptor and engineer, there is a vision of what the “fine-tuning” activity should produce. I am confident that if you as a novice accept this simple analogy you will go some distance toward grasping the fundamentals of the deep learning process....


Creating a translation program for the 21st century | Filip Šanca
MultiLingual November/December 2018

The translation market is dynamic, and it is not possible to supply the students with knowledge from the future. For that reason, students should be taught to learn on their own, with the understanding that their studies are not finished with graduation....


Professional legal translations can save you millions | Ally Gilboa
MultiLingual November/December 2018

The internet has brought us all types of hilarious and convoluted translations. However, precise, correct translations are often needed in today’s shrinking marketplace. Most challenging of all are legal translations....


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