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July 2018

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Adobe Quality Bands for software quality measurement and continuous improvement | Pooja
MultiLingual July 2018

“Inspect and adapt” is an important principle in the Agile Manifesto: "At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts its behavior accordingly,” says Principle 12....

Cultural engagement with aboriginal translators and interpreters | Lawson Stapleton
MultiLingual July 2018

As a service provider, the company we merged with focused mostly on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY), which literally means “people come go.” This is located in the top western corner of South Australia and has a population of around 4,500 people. The APY is self-administered and has a unique self-governing relationship with the state and federal governments. As a part of the agreement, anyone who wishes to enter the land must apply for a permit and pay a fee accordingly, unless they are an indigenous inhabitant....

Columns and Commentary

Post Editing | Katie Botkin
MultiLingual July 2018 there room in current medical practice for fixes like this, for at-home cures? Is there room in the translation industry, by extension, for anything such as mental health work, whether or not it brings in the big bucks as Luke Sewell points out in our focus?...

Client Talk: Bowling Green, Kentucky | Terena Bell
MultiLingual July 2018

When do people who buy (or should buy) language services say professional translation is worth it? By talking with clients outside of a sales environment, we seek to uncover what’s really important to them....

Localization Business School: The success of Women in Localization | Andrew Lawless
MultiLingual July 2018

Women in Localization is currently planning its ten-year anniversary. It will be celebrated around the world with satellite parties and a larger event in Silicon Valley.

On September 8, 2008, three women had a vision and changed the face of the localization world for good. They started Women in Localization, a small local networking group that would go on to become an international organization with 4,000+ members, with chapters in 11 countries and counting....

Terminology Glosses: Little liars, medicine inserts and intertextuality | Laura Di Tullio
MultiLingual July 2018

Perhaps not so surprisingly, one of my favorite definitions of translation does not come from a translation studies essay, but from a book called Manuale di semiotica (Manual of Semiotics) printed in 2000. Its author, Ugo Volli, writes in Italian that each translation is “a complex semiotic work; it is a textual interpretation that puts not only two languages, but two cultures in communication.”...

Community Lives: Incubating innovation | Jeannette Stewart
MultiLingual July 2018

A while back when I was explaining our industry to a friend, she was surprised at the complexity of our work and quipped that I should write a book called Translation for Dummies. I replied that there are no dummies in the language industry, only an astonishingly diverse community of highly-qualified and super-motivated people. When I went on to mention that there are close to 7,000 languages spread across the globe, she was floored, and stammered in amazement that it’s a miracle we actually manage to get anything done....

Core Focus

Pharmaceutical drug development | Mark Aiello
MultiLingual July 2018

Pharma companies are increasingly seeking solutions to mitigate the risk and manage the costs of the development process, particularly as they must cast a wide net in the clinical trials phase to gain an adequate patient population for studies. Additionally, more pharmaceutical companies are looking to conduct rare disease studies and require patients from multiple countries to ensure their results are well-tested and accurate....

Drug-fueled pharma | Luke Sewell
MultiLingual July 2018

Capitalism and human health — is this an oxymoron or a symbiotic petri dish for growth? In the advent of commoditizing both diseases and cures — including in the translation industry — is there space for researching the complex ailments of the mind?...

Corpora and life sciences translation | Maryna Koshkina
MultiLingual July 2018

A corpus is not a translation memory. It is a valuable resource offering reliable ways of using the language. Something that may be of use for translators in certain locales is that once texts and tools are downloaded, the use of corpora does not need any internet connection. It also doesn’t need expensive or demanding software....


Bringing localization to the world with free online classes | Rian Westdorp
MultiLingual July 2018

Making online knowledge available to the increasing non-English speaking internet population has created a rising need for translators of online content (websites, apps and software). Language skills are not the issue — in India, for example, about 255 million people are bilingual. There seems to be, however, a gap between the skills needed and training offered to new translators, as well as economic and technical limitations....


Taking ego out of volunteer interpreting | Lauren Sieben
MultiLingual July 2018

“I’m fluent in Spanish, but I’m not a native speaker,” I said, stressing those last words native speaker. Yes, I know the language. Yes, I’m comfortable in conversation. But no, I’m not going to be as good as someone who has spoken Spanish since before they could walk....


Can your bot chat in Chinese, Czech or Chuvash? | Arle Lommel
MultiLingual July 2018

Chatbots are rapidly becoming ubiquitous in marketing and support. The potential for brands to interact with customers using natural language — and perhaps a bit of personality — without needing an army of paid human agents is driving major investment from enterprises. Tech giants from IBM to Facebook and Weibo to Microsoft have started a virtual race to dominate this field. However, what is missing in this picture so far is serious attention to multilingual needs....


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