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April 2018

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Overcoming challenges with multilingual content reuse | Ann Rockley
Multilingual April 2018

Nearly everyone at every company reuses content, but they do it with little regard for the negative implications of how they do it. And that's a big mistake....

Columns and Commentary

Post Editing | Katie Botkin
Multilingual April 2018

Startups are all around us, depending on your definition of “startup,” exactly. As such, they represent unique — if somewhat frustrating, at times — business opportunities for localization companies....

Client Talk: Papa John's | Terena Bell
Multilingual April 2018

Hank Enright is director of international training at Papa John’s, a Louisville, Kentucky-based pizza chain with more than 5,000 locations worldwide. Enright says he oversees “markets in Latin America and the Caribbean, stretching from Mexico all the way down to Chile.” Once a week, he connects with Papa John’s Chinese team. In the past, he’s assisted with openings in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Latin America....

Terminology Glosses: Experience economy and experiential learning | Laura Di Tullio
Multilingual April 2018

Some words quietly take the stage. They enter new domains, specialize in new areas, translate in new languages and bring new notions to new places, across cultures. In so doing they change, or attest the changes of our view of the world and of our expectations. They are used in unprecedented combinations. Sometimes they qualify another word so strongly that they almost become prefixes, the entry point to concepts, thus marking new memorable ideas....

Community Lives: Sign languages | Jeannette Stewart
Multilingual April 2018

Signing is global, and hence multilingual. This is something the language industry should look into....

Perspectives: Translation quality and subject matter | Yulia Akhulkova
Multilingual April 2018

As part of the process we couldn't help noticing that scoring systems differ from client to client. Whether it is LISA, DQF or any other model, we need to make sure that our linguists are suited to them all.

So what did we do to align various systems?...

Core Focus

Tips to help your peers understand startup localization | Jee Yi, Hanna Kanabiajeuskaja
Multilingual April 2018

Before educating your peers on localization, you need to understand two things. First, what are they trying to achieve? Second, how will localization help them achieve it?...

Making language quality work for startups | Katerina Gasova
Multilingual April 2018

English as a source language can represent a huge challenge, for example. Its grammar, lexicography, style and tone are hurdles to overcome for the right translation. Sentence fragments, short word strings or emotionally rich content always challenge translators, especially if there is not enough context available. How would you handle interjections such as oh snap, oops, whoops, yikes and fiddlesticks if they all appear in one file?...

Localization quality management | Kirill Soloviev
Multilingual April 2018

By starting early and following a strategy tailored to its current growth stage and localization maturity level, your startup can gradually master the difficult art of optimizing localization return on investment (ROI) while minimizing quality risks....

How to become a localization project manager | Olga Melnikova
Multilingual April 2018

“What should I do? Do I need to get a degree in order to become a PM in the localization industry? Should I maybe get a certificate? What would you recommend?”...


Translation Matters | Katie Botkin
Multilingual April 2018

Industry veteran and Multilingual editorial board member Jost Zetzsche has collected 81 previously-published articles and essays for his latest book, Translation Matters. Their original publication dates range from 2003 to 2017 and they appeared everywhere from Christianity Today to his own Tool Box Journal. There’s even a Twitter exchange with a journalist, put into print format like its own story....


Seven imperatives for worldwide digital transformation | Donald A. DePalma
Multilingual April 2018

What happens when most of your operations and customers have gone online?...


Multilingual taxonomies | Heather Hedden
Multilingual April 2018

Translating a taxonomy extends access to documents and other digital content....


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