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Featured Vendors & Organizations Listing

Vendors & Organizations is a collection of 0 language industry companies organized into 48 categories. With featured status your listing will appear in the first section of search results, including your logo.

  • Your listing detail will include your social media links for an ultimate chance to connect
  • Prospects can easily find your company through the search or advanced search options
  • Color logo at the top of your listing at 240px wide
  • Featured listings run for 365 days. An email will offer an easy chance to renew or keep a basic listing at no cost
  • A 25% discount will be applied to any further web or newsletter advertising
  • Listing position is alphabetical within the Featured section
  • All content is subject to approval

Details & Pricing

  • Logo at 240px wide
  • Top of search results
  • Includes social media links
  • $400/year