Nine terminology extraction tools - Are they useful for translators?

Hernani Costa, Gloria Corpas Pastor, Míriam Seghiri Domínguez, Anna Zaretskaya
MultiLingual April/May 2016
Product Reviews

Terminology extraction tools (TETs) have become an indispensable resource in education, research and business. Today, users can find a great variety of terminology extraction tools of all kinds, and they all offer different features. Apart from many other areas, these tools are especially helpful in the professional translation setting. We do not know, however, if the existing tools have all the necessary features for this kind of work. In search for the answer, we looked at nine selected tools available on the market to find out if they provide the translators’ most favorite features....

We have already seen that these tools can differ as to various characteristics, such as their interface type (standalone, web-based or reusable libraries), the document formats they support, the languages they work with, as well as their different search options. According to the survey findings, 27% of the respondents preferred to have a terminology extraction feature within their CAT tool instead of in separate software. Some translators, however, preferred a web-based application (9%) or installing a standalone tool on their computer (8%). Nevertheless, the majority (56%) reported that they did not have any preference regarding the tool's interface. The fact that translators prefer to have a system integrated in their CAT tool is related to the general tendency of CAT tools to include more and more different features. Indeed, translators have to deal with a great number of tools that help them automatize different stages of the translation process, so they prefer having one tool with multiple functions rather than having to look for and in many cases pay for several tools.

The most useful extraction feature according to the survey's participants was bilingual term extraction. In fact, considering that within a translation workflow, terminology extraction is performed with the final objective to translate the extracted terms, it is more convenient to have the terms extracted in the two languages simultaneously....