Meet The Team

Behind the scenes at MultiLingual Computing, Inc. is an exceptional team of people working together to bring you the information you need.

Marjolein Groot Nibbelink
Marketing Director

Holding a Dutch degree in marketing, Marjolein was invited to join the MultiLingual team in 2015. After drifting aimlessly across the globe for years, learning languages in the street and interpreting culture along the way, she couldn’t have dreamed of a better place to land! Her travel stories and cultural interpretations are published on

Katie Botkin
Managing Editor

Katie has been working as the managing editor of MultiLingual since March 2008. She has bachelor’s degrees in French and journalism as well as a master’s degree in English with an emphasis on linguistics. She has taught English on three continents. In her spare time Katie enjoys rock climbing, snowboarding and a variety of other outdoor activities, and writes for travel and adventure publications. Her personal blog, Culture, Adventure, Stillness, is found at

Serving the industry brings a tremendous amount of responsibility and one that requires a constant effort of research, compiling, sorting, editing, formatting, production and coordinating. This is no small task and demands exceptional quality and depth. This is exactly what each person brings to the table here at MultiLingual.