Meet The Team

Behind the scenes at MultiLingual Computing, Inc. is an exceptional team of people working together to bring you the information you need.

Curtis Booker
Technical Analyst

Curtis joined MultiLingual in 2008 and has lent his technical abilities to web server maintenance,  website functions (you are looking at his work here!), and anything that has “tech” in its name. He began working with the company in its Sandpoint office and now works virtually from the Midwest. Curtis also contributes his expertise to Translators without Borders.

Katie Botkin
Managing Editor

Katie has been working as the managing editor of MultiLingual since March 2008. She has bachelor’s degrees in French and journalism as well as a master’s degree in English with an emphasis on linguistics. She has taught English on three continents. In her spare time Katie enjoys rock climbing, snowboarding and a variety of other outdoor activities, and writes for travel and adventure publications. Her personal blog, Culture, Adventure, Stillness, is found at

Darlene Dibble

Since 2009, her first year at MultiLingual, Darlene’s fascination with design has steadily grown. Her early education was based in the fine arts, but Darlene’s interests have drifted into the production and design departments of a daily newspaper, book publishing and now MultiLingual magazine. Darlene enjoys living in the small mountain community of Sandpoint, where she teaches yoga and feels nourished by the community. She is the proud grandmother of two boys.

Kendra Gray
News, Events

Choosing an eclectic and nomadic way of life versus university and a career, Kendra ended up in Sandpoint in 1998 and became part of the MultiLingual team in 2000. She became the news and events liaison and took on the challenge of getting the company involved in the social media craze by starting the Twitter account @MultiLingualMag. She also works at the Sandpoint Library.

Marjolein Groot Nibbelink
Marketing Director

Holding a Dutch degree in marketing, Marjolein was invited to join the MultiLingual team in 2015. After drifting aimlessly across the globe for years, learning languages in the street and interpreting culture along the way, she couldn’t have dreamed of a better place to land! Her travel stories and cultural interpretations are published on

Gayle Hallock
Special Projects, Mail Clerk

Gayle is the newest addition to our team after joining MultiLingual in August of 2016 as the office assistant. She was soon trusted with projects that need concentrated attention. Originally from the Midwest, she enjoys going back to visit family and friends whenever possible. When not at work, Gayle enjoys watching sports, especially football and finding ways to entertain her dog; swimming in the summer and snowshoeing in the winter.

Terri Jadick
Circulation, Billing

Terri has worked for MultiLingual since 2006. She manages circulation and billing. And she is so valuable that when she moved across the States, she stayed on as a key member of the staff. She is surrounded by print media: Terri is also an editor at a book publisher.

Doug Jones
Production & Collateral Design, Reprints Program

Doug has been with MultiLingual since 1998. As a graphic designer, he helps produce the magazine and is in charge of the reprint program. Doug designs all manner of print and web graphics for the magazine and LocWorld. He is a life-long Idaho resident and has his own graphic design firm. He volunteers for the local community radio station and is a projectionist at the town’s historic theater. Winters find him telemarking on the ski hill or ice skating on the lake.

Bernie Nova
Data Administrator, Proofer

Bernie joined the team at MultiLingual in 2008. She performs an assortment of duties that include proofreading, database management and working on special projects for MultiLingual. Bernie also splits her time working for LocWorld conferences where she maintains the website, corresponds with attendees and manages registrations. When the weather cooperates she loves to garden, commute to work on her bike and play on Lake Pend Oreille. During the cold winter months she skis with her family as much as possible.

Chelsea Nova
Research, Office Assistant

Chelsea was raised in the Northwest and enjoys most of the outdoor adventures the region offers. Her jobs range from waitressing, retail sales and coach for a successful teenage ski team at Schweitzer. At MultiLingual, she helps with research and data management as well as anything she is asked to do. Chelsea enjoys family time and spending time outside.

Donna Parrish
Editor-in-Chief, Publisher

Donna joined MultiLingual in 1997 and took over the reigns in 2002, at which point the staff gave her a magic wand. With 25 years of programming experience, she brings an appreciation of the technical issues involved in dealing with different languages. She has a BS in mathematics and taught math for, thankfully, a very short while. Donna is also principal of LocWorld, and is secretary of Translators without Borders. She enjoys the outdoor life that Sandpoint offers, and uses her magic wand to solve all problems.

Leah Thoreson

Leah joined the MultiLingual team in 2015. She brings 25 years of accounting experience to MultiLingual. Leah was born and raised in beautiful Sandpoint, Idaho. She enjoys live music (especially outdoor venues!), cooking, playing on Lake Pend Oreille, organic gardening, natural hot springs and hunting wild mushrooms.

Kevin Watson
Advertising Director

Kevin has been with MultiLingual since 1999 and has more than 30 years of experience on both the creative and account sides in advertising, marketing and public relations. He also assists with LocWorld and when traveling for conferences, he seeks out museums and galleries for inspiration as he owns and operates an art gallery/studio in Sandpoint.

Serving the industry brings a tremendous amount of responsibility and one that requires a constant effort of research, compiling, sorting, editing, formatting, production and coordinating. This is no small task and demands exceptional quality and depth. This is exactly what each person brings to the table here at MultiLingual.