August 22, 2018

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A.1. TransPerfect now incorporated in Nevada

TransPerfect, a provider of global business services, has moved the state of its incorporation from Delaware to Nevada. The company's global headquarters will remain in New York.


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B.1. New executive director of sales at Zoo Digital

ZOO Digital Group, a provider of localization and media production services for the entertainment industry, has appointed Craig Pepe as executive director of sales for North America.

ZOO Digital Group,

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B.2. Promotion at Universally Speaking

Universally Speaking, a localization services provider for the global gaming market, has promoted Tim Horton, previously a business development manger, to chief commercial officer.

Universally Speaking Ltd.,

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C.1. lexiQA checks for Swahili and Bengali

In partnership with Translators without Borders, lexiQA, an application program interface solution for online linguistic quality assurance, has developed locale-specific checks for Swahili and Bengali. These are available through lexiQA's latest release, 1.4.


Translators without Borders,

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C.2. InContext QA

Lingoport, Inc., a provider of software internationalization tools and services, has released InContext QA as a new addition to Lingoport Suite. It is intended to simplify linguistic quality assurance (QA), allowing the localization of software to be edited directly on application pages and managed by linguistic reviewers and localization teams.

Lingoport, Inc.,

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C.3. Lingotek system updates and enhancements

Lingotek, a developer of collaborative translation technology, has further enhanced its translation management system and content management connectors, and added new features and functionality to its apps for vendor management, linguistic quality evaluation and multilingual business intelligence.


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C.4. Net-Cat

Net-Translators Ltd., a provider of localization and multilingual testing services, has added Net-Cat to its suite of translation management systems. The online translation collaboration tool enables translation teams to collaborate simultaneously online while also managing terminology.

Net-Translators Ltd.,

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D.1. Localizing a job board

Being a seasoned localizer, I thought that localizing a job board ( would not present much of a challenge, but I was pleasantly surprised with the knowledge that I gained. Gigajob has now been successfully localized into 38 languages and has local sites in 147 countries.

D.2. Are You A Startup Sherpa Or A UX Rockstar? Don't Believe A Word

Check out this superb article by linguist, lexicographer, columnist and self-described "all-around word nut" Ben Zimmer (@bgzimmer) in The Atlantic. Ben discusses the cultural misappropriation of words and how sherpas, ninjas and gurus crop up everywhere:

D.3. Haven't an Iota About Fintech Localization? Try Cryptocurrencies

Money, Money, Money Meets Its Waterloo. Apologies to ABBA fans about the cheesy introduction. But, mamma mia we need to talk about cryptocurrencies!

D.4. Traditional versus Simplified Chinese

We at MultiLingual are working on our upcoming issue on Asia — and as some background while you wait, why not brush up on your knowledge of the various forms of Chinese?

To read the rest of these and other web-exclusive, global language industry articles, or to submit your own, click here.

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The next issue of MultiLingual features a focus on "Asia." If you are a subscriber, this issue will be at your fingertips late August or early September.

E.1. MT use in China by Ke Hu

From the perspective of the global competitive landscape, China has become one of the most important players in the AI field and this wave of AI is actively promoted by the Chinese government.

E.2. Culturalization, game localization and China by Kah Hui Teo and Joelle Tjahjadi

One of the challenges that many localization teams face when handling products like games, which inherently contain a lot of cultural elements, is how much to foreignize and how much to domesticate the products.

E.3. The truth about Japanese web design by Douglass McGowan

Japanese buyers' needs are very different from Western ones — and customization is key. It's not likely that just translating your site into Japanese will give you the level of success you're counting on.

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Translation Forum Russia, Business Bureau of the Association of Interpreters, Ekaterinburg, Russia. Aug 24-26, 2018

3rd International Translation Technology Summer School, KU Leuven, Antwerp, Belgium. Sep 3-7, 2018

MT Marathon 2018, Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. Sep 3-8, 2018

Content Marketing World, Content Marketing Institute, Cleveland, Ohio USA. Sep 4-7, 2018

42nd Internationalization & Unicode Conference (IUC42), Object Management Group, Santa Clara, California USA. Sep 10-12, 2018

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MadWorld Europe 2018, MadCap Software, Inc., Prague, Czech Republic. Sep 11-14, 2018

ND Focus — Elia's focus on Project Management, Elia (European Language Industry Association), Porto, Portugal. Sep 13-14, 2018

SLAM!, Scandinavian Language Association, Malmö, Sweden. Sep 15, 2018

XTM LIVE, XTM International, Boston, Massachusetts USA. Sep 17-18, 2018

ATC Language Industry Summit 2018, Association of Translation Companies, Cardiff, UK. Sep 20-22, 2018

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The Language Services Industry Today, The International Multilingual User Group (IMUG), San Jose, California USA. Sep 20, 2018

National Identity in Translation, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, University of Rzeszów, Lviv, Ukraine. Sep 24-26, 2018

Technical Communication UK, Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators (ISTC), Daventry, Northamptonshire, UK. Sep 25-27, 2018

eLearning Africa 2018, ICWE GmbH, Rwanda Convention Bureau, Rwanda. Sep 26-28, 2018

NORDIC TechKomm 2018, tcworld, Copenhagen, Denmark. Sep 26-27, 2018

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