Qualification of MultiLingual News Items

Categories and news posted


  • new company
  • new office/headquarters and relocations
  • company mergers and acquisitions
  • website redesign


  • release of financial statements (must include amount of revenue for quarter or year and previous quarter or year for comparison)


  • new hires – must include new hire name and specific job title (recent industry work experience is optional)


  • industry-related topic white papers (non-marketing)
  • case studies
  • industry-related projects
  • industry-related surveys
  • newly released industry-related publications
  • new industry-related associations

Products and Services

  • new industry-related products and services (at time of official product or service launch)

Clients and Partners

  • new partnerships and clients at the time of the partnership agreement (must include company names and/or products involved in the partnership)


  • milestone company anniversaries
  • participation for surveys
  • industry-related projects


  • industry-related standards certification at the time of the initial certification

Not posted

  • photos and logos
  • where a company representative is speaking
  • conferences a company is attending
  • write-ups about an event that has already happened
  • groups, associations or boards that companies or employees have joined
  • board-related (such as association board elections)
  • awards won (such as Inc. 500, ‘best of’)
  • partnership programs (affiliate, academic)
  • client company certifications, awards (such as Inc. 500, ‘best of’, SAP, Microsoft)
  • individual company rankings/evaluation scores
  • products to be developed in the future or those developed three months or more prior to submitted news
  • beta releases
  • companies repartnering or continuing partnerships that have been renewed beyond the initial agreement
  • when a company has completed work for a client/partner
  • recertification of industry-related standards
  • cost of products/resources or being a reseller
  • write-ups generalizing company productivity/growth
  • compliments from client companies
  • language learning products and services
  • intercompany news (such as employee manual creation, in-house training programs, technology for in-house purposes)
  • financial campaigns such as indiegogo or kickstarter
  • association membership campaigns and initiatives, sponsorships