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Fluent 1.0

Mozilla, makers of the Firefox open source web browser, has introduced Fluent 1.0, the public version of Fluent, a family of file format specifications, implementations and good practices used internally at Mozilla to localize the Firefox web browser into nearly 100 languages.

Past news for Mozilla

New head of localization at Mozilla

Mozilla, makers of the Firefox open source web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary, the Mozilla Corporation, has promoted Jeff Beatty as the new head of localization.

Mozilla China localized and live

Mozilla China has officially started its operation. The China office will focus on marketing the Chinese version of Firefox as well as to work on other open-source software projects. The Chinese Firefox will no longer be the simple translation of its English version, but also include localization settings for Chinese users and websites. As Google’s global partner, Mozilla will continue to collaborate with the search engine giant in China, but the new Chinese office will also explore other marketing opportunities with various parties.

Mozilla adds Japanese affiliate

The Mozilla Foundation, which supports the Mozilla open-source project, has launched the website ( and the creation of Mozilla Japan, a nonprofit organization that promotes, develops and helps deploy Mozilla products in Japan.

Mozilla Japan will work on the internationalization and localization of Mozilla products and will be responsible for official Japanese localized versions of its Firefox browser, Thunderbird e-mail program and the Mozilla 1.7 internet suite. Mozilla Japan will also contribute to the development of Mozilla technologies. Local experts will assist in the deployment of Mozilla products and provide support to both end users and enterprises. Mozilla Japan also plans to cultivate and assist Mozilla business partners and educate local users about Mozilla products.

Mozilla Japan is the Mozilla Foundation's second international affiliate. Mozilla Europe, which coordinates Mozilla development and promotional activities in Europe, was created last February.

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