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New ELRA lexicons

In the framework of a distribution agreement between the European Language Resources Association (ELRA) and the CJK Dictionary Institute, Inc., ELRA has added 29 monolingual lexicons and 20 multilingual lexicons, suitable for a large variety of natural language processing applications. All lexicons are made available in tab-delimited, UTF-8 encoded text files.

Past news for European Language Resources Association (ELRA)

ELRA adds written corpus

The European Language Resources Association (ELRA) has added a new written corpus to its catalog. The Esperanto Arbobanko Treebank is a 52,000 token dependency treebank of Esperanto with texts from the MONATO news magazine, consisting of random excerpts from the period 2000-2010.

New resources at ELRA

The European Language Resources Association (ELRA) has added to its catalog. The new speech resources include Glissando-sp and Glissando-ca. The terminological resources include English-Persian database of idioms and expressions, English-Persian terminology database of computer and IT and English-Persian terminology database of management and economics.

ELRA catalog additions

The European Language Resources Association (ELRA) has added to its catalog. New resources include the GlobalPhone Multilingual Model Package, GlobalPhone 2000 Speaker Package, speaking atlas of the regional languages of France, Pakistan Urdu Speech Corpus, collection of XML metatextually tagged corpora containing speeches from European chambers, and lexicon of 26,155 parallel named entities in seven languages.

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