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AppTek integrates with Modzy

AppTek, a speech recognition company, has formed an alliance with Booz Allen Hamilton, a management and information technology consulting firm, to integrate AppTek's technologies into the newly launched Modzy platform. Modzy is an open architecture software solution available to customers on-premise, in the cloud, or via custom deployments.

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TransPerfect and AppTek partner

TransPerfect, a provider of global business services, and AppTek, a provider of speech recognition and language technology solutions, have partnered to embed the GlobalLink platform with speech recognition and intelligent line segmentation capabilities.

AppTek partners with OOONA

AppTek, a provider of speech recognition and language technology solutions, has announced a system integration partnership with OOONA, a provider of management and production tools for the content localization industry. The partnership allows OOONA to offer AppTek's technologies within its cloud-based translation manager platform.

AppTek enhances subtitling capabilities

AppTek, a speech recognition company, has enhanced its language technologies platform with neural machine translation. The AppTek model unifies neural network boundary predictions and handcrafted rules, so that subtitle segmentation performance, typically based solely on speaker pauses, can now be based on semantic units.

AppTek single NMT system; ASR keyword patent award

AppTek, a speech recognition company, has announced that its multilingual neural machine translation (NMT) system - a single system that supports both common high resource and less common low resource language pairs - performs the translation of 12 Slavic languages into English.

The company has also been awarded a patent by the United States Patent Office for its automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology that enables higher precision and recall of keywords in spoken content by using a textual keyword list.

AppTek 'aqui-hired' by eBay

eBay has 'aqui-hired' — a strategy in which a business buys a company, or its intellectual property, with the intent of hiring its technology development talent — AppTek, a developer of human language technology. According to the agreement, almost half of Apptek's employees will join eBay’s translation team in addition to the acquisition of Apptek's machine translation technology.

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