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KantanMT API integrates with Transifex

KantanMT, a subscription-based machine translation service, has developed an application programming interface (API) for its machine translation statistical and neural translation models, enabling its customers to integrate with Transifex's Automation Platform - a web system that automates the localization workflow for international projects.

Past news for KantanMT

KantanSkynet Manager Console

KantanMT, a subscription-based machine translation service, has launched KantanSkynet Manager Console, a post-editing platform that uses AI to determine the quality of translated texts and will automatically route low-quality texts to professional translators for improvements.

Keywords Studios acquires KantanMT, ICHI, Syllabes

Keywords Studios, a technical service provider to the global video game industry, has acquired KantanMT, a machine translation technology company. The company has also acquired ICHI, a provider of marketing services to video game publishers and the sports and entertainment sectors, and Syllabes, a provider of audio recording and casting services for the video games industry.

New hire at KantanMT

KantanMT, a subscription-based machine translation service, has appointed Carlos Zheng as consultant and agent for China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Zheng has spent several years working in the roles of project manager and general manager for two Taiwanese companies.

KantanMT Irish NMT

KantanMT, a subscription-based machine translation service, has released a neural machine translation (NMT) engine for English to/from Irish (Gaeilge), the official language of the Republic of Ireland.

Wordfast offers KantanMT option

Wordfast LLC, a provider of translation memory software, has updated its Wordfast Anywhere software offering to include KantanMT, a subscription-based machine translation service.

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