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ILE announces CEO team

Bernard Gateau, President and founder of International Language Engineering, has announced the addition of a CEO team to the company's senior management. The co-CEOs are Louis Faust, III, and Mark D. Rothschild. ”To maintain our leading role in the localization industry, we must expand, both in capacity to serve our clients, and in technology,” Gateau said.

Faust has extensive global operations management experience, both in the United States and in Japan. Rothschild brings experience in mergers and acquisitions and private placements to the team. He will provide the financial strategies to support ILE's recent advances in localization software technology, as well as the firm's overall growth and acquisitions. With the installation of the CEO team, Gateau has become Chairman of the Board.

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ILE opens new office

International Language Engineering of Boulder, CO has announced the opening of a new office for increased service to its clients. The Santa Clara, CA office employs 10 Japanese localizers specializing in software and multimedia products. A European project and business manager is also located in Santa Clara to assist ILE clients in the region.

ILE exploits new tools

International Language Engineering has upgraded its proprietary localization tools. ILE's new translation memory engine uses a unique fuzzy matching technology for leveraging previous translations of software, help and documentation. The system compensates for spelling and typing errors, morphological variants and case differences. A patent application has been filed. Unlike other TM products, ILE's TM is also completely language independent, allowing use with Chinese, Thai, Japanese or any other language. ILE's localization clients now have the benefit of powerful leveraging tools which can provide significant cost and schedule savings during upgrades.

ILE, which is ISO 9001 certified, has been providing software localization services since 1984. It offers full localization for over 22 languages, specializing in multiple-language projects.

ILE proposes open standard for localization data

International Language Engineering Corporation (ILE), has announced a proposal for an open standard for data interchange within the localization industry. By launching the OpenTag Initiative, ILE says it is seeking to establish a working group in which both localization customers and their suppliers can participate in defining a standard that will support open data encoding methods during the localization process and permit better data interchange between suppliers and customers

ILE announces strategic equity investment

International Language Engineering Corp. (ILE), a provider of technology-based development and localization solutions to software, hardware, medical and telecommunications companies, announced that it has closed a strategic equity investment in ILE by Cornerstone Equity Investors L.L.C. ”Cornerstone's investment enables ILE to aggressively pursue acquisitions and strategic partnerships, while continuing our internal growth,” said Mark Rothschild, ILE's co-chief executive officer.

ILE releases version 1.0 of OpenTag format

International Language Engineering Corporation released version 1.0 of the OpenTag format. The OpenTag format is a standard markup format for extracted text. This open standard provides a method to generically encode text that has been extracted from an original file or document. Original documents, which can be in any format (RTF, SGML, MIF, HTML, software resources, Interleaf, etc.), are parsed to generate files whose contents are marked up identically regardless of the source format. These data files then can serve as a common-format I/O for virtually all text processing operations. Unicode support ensures access to the necessary characters for the world's languages. To help developers implement support for the OpenTag format, ILE has released the OpenTag Development Kit. This free ODK environment includes a set of specifications, tools, source code samples and various resources to help programmers develop OpenTag filters as well as applications using OpenTag filters.

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