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New Rainbow tool for stopping piracy

Rainbow Technologies, Inc. introduced its SentinelWizard GUI implementation tool for use with its line of SentinelSuperPro software protection keys. The SentinelWizard compacts nearly the entire implementation process into three stages. First, developers simply describes their product line to the Wizard by answering a few questions. Then they determine how they want to sell their products. This enables developers to provide software to customers in innovative ways, such as timed demos and remote activation.

In the final stage, the SentinelWizard automatically programs a developer's SentinelSuperPro key and generates pseudo code necessary to complete the protection process. Then developers incorporate this code by adding the customized queries and responses to their software. An additional component of the SentinelSuperPro release is SentinelSAFE, which allows for encrypted updating of the SentinelSuperPro key, often necessary when protecting leased software. SentinelSAFE is available as a complimentary add-on product for Rainbow's customers.

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Rainbow announces SentinelSuperPro 5.1

Rainbow Technologies, Inc., announced SentinelSuperPro 5.1 for software protection against piracy and fraud. SentinelSuperPro 5.1 features 32-bit data protection, security functionality (which includes new anti-hack measures) and new software drivers. The key combines the benefits of multiple algorithms and read/write memory in one solution, which allows up to 14 applications to be protected with a single key. Its 128 bytes of read/write memory are organized as 64 16-bit words, which can be configured in many ways. The keys count executions for limiting the operation of demonstration products and offer memory for programming with customer information, serial numbers, passwords, etc.

Rainbow expands in greater China

Rainbow Technologies, Inc., a provider of security solutions for the Internet and electronic commerce, announced the opening of two new offices in the greater China region, where annual production value for the IT industry is over $25 billion, the third largest in the world. With Rainbow's sales doubling in the region from 1997 to 1998, the two offices in Beijing and Taipei will support the increasing customer demand for Rainbow products, and will be a strategic advantage in the development of new business. ”In the past four years, Rainbow has been an instrumental force, helping software developers in China fight software piracy,” said Chen Chong, director, Ministry of Information Industry, People's Republic of China. ”I believe a stronger Rainbow presence in China will help the growth of China's information industry.”

Rainbow ships SentinelLM for developers

Rainbow Technologies, developer and supplier of software protection and applications development solutions, announced shipment of its SentinelLM License Manager CD-ROM release 4.2 for developers of Windows NT software. SentinelLM includes a Windows-based license installation program for the end user. Additionally, no C compiler is required, thus allowing developers to program in their native language.

SentinelLM uses software-based protection methods to ensure that all users of an application are licensed. It also has an optional hardware-based security key that developers can use for high-level protection. SentinelLM enables advanced demonstration packages, remote activation or upgrades of licenses, and secure distribution over the Internet

Rainbow releases SentinelSuperPro 5.0 and Sentinel Express

Rainbow Technologies' latest hardware-based solution, SentinelSuperPro 5.0, for software protection features the 2.1 version of the SentinelWizard GUI (graphical user interface) implementation tool.

The SentinelWizard automatically configures the SentinelSuperPro and generates pseudo code to protect applications, enabling developers to take advantage of the protection and sales activation features. SentinelSuperPro makes use of 14 field-activated algorithms for protection. SentinelSuperPro 5.0 is distributed on CD-ROM and localized to French, German, Spanish and Simplified Chinese.

Rainbow has also introduced Sentinel Express, a software licensing tool that provides developers secure software distribution and license activation via the Internet. Sentinel Express incorporates Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) and Electronic License Distribution (ELD). With Sentinel Express developers can distribute demos and licensed applications on the Internet and generate/activate software licenses from their Web site.

Rainbow opens office in China

Rainbow Technologies, a provider of anti-piracy solutions, has opened an office in Beijing, China. The office will manage and support three authorized distributors currently in place in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzen, China, and offer technical support and a direct communication link with Chinese software developers. ”Rainbow has made a very successful entry into the Chinese software protection market. Since 1994, our sales to Chinese software developers have grown at over 100% each year,” explained Norm Denton, vice president worldwide sales and marketing of Rainbow. ”It is important to continue our stronghold and presence in China, one of the world's highest piracy areas.”

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