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GramR allows programming of linguistic applications

GramR is a highly developed language designed specifically for the programming of linguistic applications. It does not require any previous programming knowledge. All that is required is to formulate the problem in the form of transformational grammar rules and to input them through the use of a standard text editor. GramR compiles these rules and generates an executable program which can be applied to a text.

GramR was conceived and developed by John Chandioux after many years' experience in machine translation, first as a researcher, then as a project leader at the University of Montreal. The language was in part inspired by research carried out by Alain Colmerauer (better known for the role he played in the creation of the PROLOG programming language) and by the Groupe d'études pour la Traduction Automatique, Grenoble, under the direction of the late Professor Bernard Vauquois.

The GramR language is currently used by a limited number of linguists, translators and programmers for research purposes, as well as to develop dedicated machine translation systems or other linguistic applications. When a client's system is installed, an annual licence fee is payable to John Chandioux Consultants Inc. to ensure the application will continue to evolve and be supported. This kind of follow-up is necessary to ensure the continual upgrading of the GramR language which is subject to different constraints and expectations depending on the environment.

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