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Japanese WordMaster 4.0 combines word processor, study system and more

Japanese WordMaster 4.0 combines word processor, study system and more. Lava Software released version 4.0 of Japanese WordMaster for the Macintosh, which operates completely without KanjiTalk or the Japanese Language Kit. This new version features four highly integrated functions in one package: 1) a Japanese word processor, 2) a powerful Kanji reference dictionary, 3) a Japanese text translation aid and 4) an intelligent vocabulary and Kanji study system. A free demo is available. The Single User Edition is $99 (academic $79), and a Classroom Edition is available for school language labs. There is a $10 discount for download delivery.

Past news for Lava Software

Japanese WordMage gets five-star rating; available for Linux platform

Lava Software announced that its language learning program Japanese WordMage has received a five-star rating from two well-known independent software download sites, ZDNet ( and Tucows (

Lava Software also announced that version 5.9.1 of Japanese WordMage, available for Macintosh, Windows and now Linux platforms, has been released. Among other features, the new version contains speedkeys, and a new button bar for the most commonly used HTML tags has been added to the Text dialog. The new version also allows special symbols and characters such as '<' and '>' to be embedded in Web pages; and a 'Help split' command has been added to the Windows menu to make it easy to work through tutorials and to view Help while using the word processor.

Japanese WordMage version 5.8 released

Lava Software announced it has released Japanese WordMage version 5.8 for all platforms. The new version includes a ”3D platinum facelift for the multilingual word processor and HTML browser.” Also included are enhancements to the ”Kanji Safari” multiplayer game, new example interactive storybooks and comprehension-type exercises, upgraded Help system, user interface enhancements, better automatic detection of Japanese text formats and an updated Windows core.

Japanese WordMage 5.7 released

Lava Software announced that Japanese WordMage (JWM) version 5.7 is now available for Macintosh and Windows. Among the new features added is the ”Kanji Safari” which allows up to four players to learn kana and kanji characters. An imagemap editor has been added for creating customized Web pages.

As well, a new import filter has been added to import Japanese-English word lists. Additional templates have been added for new comprehension exercises, and sound files with sampling rates greater than 11 KHz are now supported, yielding higher quality recordings. As always, free upgrades to the new version are available at

Japanese WordMage enhancements

Lava Software announced that it has added new Japanese WordMage demos, available for Macintosh and Windows 95/98/NT platforms, to show off the Japanese WordMage Kanji input system. For instance, the demos now include a 96,000-entry Kana conversion dictionary -- version 5.0 only had 30,000 entries. WordMage users who wish to enhance their existing installation with this extra feature can download the ”Edict” reference dictionary from the ”JWM users” area.

Lava ships Japanese WordMage Pro

Lava Software is now shipping the Professional Edition of Japanese WordMage, its cross-platform application suite. Japanese WordMage Pro 5.2 contains an integrated Japanese word processor, multilingual HTML Web page editor/viewer, an advanced auto-revision kanji and vocabulary study system with authoring facilities, kanji reference dictionary, grammar library builder and text translation aid. The new edition includes a number of high-end features such as selectable backdrop textures and additional printer fonts. WordMage does not require Japanese operating system software and can be customized to most European and other romanized languages.

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