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Cheng and Tsui Company releases Hyperchinese

Hyperchinese: The Pronunciation Modules, developed by Jing-heng Ma of Wellesley College and Robert H. Smitheram of Middlebury College, provides a thorough introduction to the pronunciation of Mandarin for beginning students with no Chinese background as well as for Cantonese and Taiwanese speakers. The three modules on this interactive CD-ROM incorporate graphics, animation and audio features to teach the initial and final sounds, the four tones, neutral tone usage and two-syllable combinations in a lively and entertaining fashion. The units focus on frequently mispronounced sounds and offer extensive practice in discriminating between similar sounds as well. The lessons incorporate traditional characters for those with reading comprehension of Chinese and are accompanied by drills and quizzes in which students can record their own pronunciations to compare them with those of the native-speaking voice on the program.

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