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New Termcat publications released

Termcat, the Catalan terminology center in Barcelona, has produced two new dictionaries, one a 1,300-entry dictionary of cell biology, and the other a 1,000-term business accounting dictionary. Both dictionaries are in Catalan, Spanish and English.

Past news for Termcat

Termcat changes domain from .net to .cat

Termcat, the center to promote the development of terminology in the Catalan language, has changed its web address to The .cat is the domain for the linguistic and cultural Catalan community on the internet. This change has been done simultaneously in all web pages. In the next few weeks, Termcat will also change the domain of all its e-mail addresses. The .cat domain, promoted by the Associació puntCAT (dotCAT Association), was approved by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) on September 15, 2005. From that time, the Fundació puntCAT has dealt with the management of this domain, which represents internet users who express themselves in Catalan and which will contribute to marking the Catalan culture existence at a world level.

Book gives results of 20 years of terminology work

TermNet Member Termcat, the Catalan Centre for Terminology, has published La Normalització Terminològica en Català: Criteris i Termes 1986-2004 (Terminological Standardization in Catalan: Terms and Criteria 1986-2004). The book is divided into two well-differentiated parts.

The first part is a description of the criteria, the methodology and the working process that characterize the terminological standardization in Catalan. This is the first time that this information - which will allow linguists, professionals, terminologists and experts to get to know this activity in depth and to assess the rigor in which it is carried out in general - is published in a unitary way.

The second part is a complete dictionary with all the terms standardized by Termcat during its 20 years: 6002 Catalan terms, most of them neologisms from technical and scientific areas. Terms are presented with their terminological definition, their equivalents in Spanish, French and English and in some cases with notes with complementary information. The book includes indexes in every language in order to make its use easier.

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