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Fingertip Software releases Cyrillic Support for Windows 3.0

Fingertip Software released Version 3.0 of Cyrillic Support for Windows (CSW). One of the first Cyrillic font and utility packages available for Windows, CSW was originally published in 1991 by Exceller Software Corp. Fingertip Software is now offering a major new release of CSW which features Windows 95 compatibility, Internet support, additional fonts and a new lower price.

CSW is a complete set of fonts and utilities for using Slavic languages in virtually any Windows program. Version 3.0 is fully compatible with both Windows 95 and Windows 3.1. While Windows 95's Multilanguage Support provides only standard (typewriter) layouts for Russian and Ukrainian, CSW includes both standard and mnemonic (phonetic) layouts. These keyboard layouts may be easily customized by the user, as may the included layouts for Belorussian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian and English. Accented Russian vowels are fully supported for marking stress, and they can be conveniently typed via dead keys.

Past news for Fingertip Software

3-D Keyboard 2.5 released

Fingertip Software released Version 2.5 of 3-D Keyboard, its multilingual keyboard utility for Windows. In response to requests for Windows NT compatibility, the new version includes identical 16-bit and 32-bit versions, supporting all popular versions of Windows.

3-D Keyboard is a simple and flexible software utility for typing West European languages, typographical symbols and other special characters while using any Windows application. Thirteen default keyboard layouts are provides, supporting Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and other West European languages. Default layouts can be easily customized by any user. Flexible user-defined hot keys are also supported for switching keyboard layouts, and dead keys are available for typing accented letters.

Fingertip Software releases Cyrillic Starter Kit

Fingertip Software announced the availability of Cyrillic Starter Kit for Windows. Priced at $29, the kit is targeted at students and others looking for an inexpensive way to begin using Cyrillic characters in Windows 95, NT or 3.1. It includes a set of Cyrillic TrueType fonts and Fingertip's Cyrillic Keyboard utility which supports standard and phonetic keyboard layouts for Belarusian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Russian, Serbian and Ukrainian. The on-line help includes instructions for setting up popular Web browsers and e-mail programs for Cyrillic.

Fingertip releases Central European Starter Kit

Fingertip Software has released Central European Starter Kit (CESK) which provides font and keyboard support for Windows. Priced at $29, CESK supports word processing, e-mail, Web browsing, Internet chat and other Windows applications. CESK includes a set of Central European TrueType fonts which support Unicode, Windows (code page 1250) and Internet (ISO 8859-2) encoding standards. Also included is Fingertip's new Central European Keyboard utility. Central European Keyboard supports standard keyboard layouts for Albanian, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak and Slovenian. It also provides a convenient Extended US layout that provides access to all these languages via a familiar US keyboard layout. All layouts may be customized using a drag-and-drop procedure.

Fingertip Software offers international keyboards and keytop labels

Fingertip Software is now offering Windows (3.1, 95 and NT) compatible keyboards for a variety of languages. The keyboards use high-quality membrane switches, and contain the three extra keys required for Windows 95 compatibility. Available layouts include US/Arabic, US/Hebrew, US/Russian, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak and Slovenian. For those who wish to label an existing keyboard, Fingertip is also offering a line of multilingual keytop labels. Available languages include Arabic, Hebrew, Cyrillic (Belorussian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Russian, Serbian and Ukrainian), Danish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

Fingertip releases Cyrillic Starter Kit 4.0

Fingertip Software announced availability of Cyrillic Starter Kit 4.0 for Windows. Cyrillic Starter Kit includes TrueType fonts and a set of facilities for typing Cyrillic in any Windows program: an on-screen keyboard layout diagram, drag-and-drop keyboard layout customization and a wide variety of hot keys for switching layouts. While earlier versions supported only Code Page 1251 and KOI8, version 4.0 adds intelligent support for Unicode applications such as Word 97 when running under Windows 95, 98 or NT 4.0. Cyrillic Starter Kit supports Belarussian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Russian, Serbian and Ukrainian.

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