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AsiaSurf allows Web browsing, e-mail in four Asian languages

DynaLab Inc., a worldwide developer of fonts, announced AsiaSurf, a breakthrough Internet software application that supports Web browsing and e-mail exchange through their new display technology that overcomes the incompatibility of Asian character sets with English-based computer operating systems.

Using AsiaSurf along with any of the popular Web browsers or e-mail applications, you can view and print documents in Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese and Korean, even while operating under a different language version of Windows. You can also convert text display between Traditional (Taiwan, Hong Kong, US) and Simplified (Mainland) Chinese. AsiaSurf enables Netscape, Mosaic, Microsoft Explorer, etc., to become multilingual.

Past news for DynaLab Inc.

DynaLab announces release of GlobalSurf

DynaLab Inc. announced the availability of GlobalSurf, a multilingual communications tool for Internet users. The product will be distributed electronically by CyberSource Corp. in the US and Soft&Net AG in Europe.

GlobalSurf supports standard Web browsers and e-mail applications, giving Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer users access to foreign language Web sites. Additionally, business users can read, view and process Eudora, Lotus cc:Mail or Netscape e-mail messages in foreign languages using GlobalSurf's on-line keyboard and dictionary. GlobalSurf is based on DynaLab's AsiaSurf product, introduced in April 1996. GlobalSurf supports Middle Eastern and European languages in addition to the Asian languages that AsiaSurf supports - 23 languages in all.

DynaLab and Bitstream announce partnership

DynaLab Inc. and Bitstream Inc. announced that they have entered into a sales and marketing partnership to expand the market for DynaLab's Asian outline font products and both companies' font technologies. The terms of the non-exclusive partnership agreement enable Bitstream to enhance its Asian font offerings by providing DynaLab outline fonts to hardware and software developers and to incorporate DynaLab's Asian outline fonts into various Bitstream font technologies, including its TrueDoc technology and its 4-in-1 font technology solution.

The two companies have worked together to provide font solutions to hardware and software developers, including Oracle's Network Computer Inc. for their upcoming network computer.

DynaLab introduces its portable document technology

DynaLab Inc., a leading font developer, has introduced DynaDoc/PDF technology, a portable document technology that generates and reads PDF-formatted documents in addition to the company's DynaDoc WDL format. DynaDoc/PDF will process and display PDF format while preserving the appearance, layout and spacing of all text across multilingual platforms and applications. DynaDoc offers CJK font embedding and user-defined character-embedding technology that allows play back of documents in original form, layout and typefaces. The technology provides fonts independent of system language and code environment across a varying range of platforms.

DynaDoc/PDF offers two ways of generating PDF formatted documents -- through the Adobe PDF printer driver or through a PostScript file to a PDF converter. This capability eases the task of manipulating Asian documents to be read and printed in the English Windows environment, a capability not provided by the Adobe Acrobat user. DynaDoc/PDF also enhances the ability to handle double-byte fonts for document exchange as electronic publishing and the Internet become more widely used. The technology has been introduced to the Hong Kong SAR Government, the Taiwan Government, on-line magazine publishers and multinational organizations to fulfill the task of document transmission through different operating systems, software applications and software versions, as well as through difference in font, language platforms and end-user defined characters in both WDL and PDF format.

Dynalab demonstrates Unicode Font

At the 13th Unicode Conference, DynaLab announced the release of DynaLab Unicode Fonts. The 33 languages supported in this True Type font suite include all Latin-based languages, Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Korean, Chinese and Japanese. Several fonts are scheduled to be added soon, including: Ethiopic, Canadian Syllabics, Cherokee, additional rare ideographs, Sinhala, Syriac, Burmese, Khmer and Braille.

The font set was designed with a consistency across fonts for stroke and spacing. The result of this design is the ability to produce multilingual documents which are easy to view and scale. A CD-ROM with a trial copy of DynaFont was distributed at the conference.

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